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After our previous two posts ‘Just 4 Versions of the same program to understand OOPs ABAP‘ and ‘How to convert an existing ABAP report to OOPs ABAP‘, we received numerous emails requesting for ABAP Object Tutorials from scratch. OOPs ABAP is really a mature approach and we have plenty of good free resources where we can learn from. We did not want to re-invent the wheel.

Therefore, for the benefit of all Freshers in OOPs ABAP, we have provided 9 excellent videos which walk us through OOPs Development.

Disclaimer: SAPYard is not the creator or owner of these videos. These videos are available freely on the internet and SAPYard would like to give due credits to the actual owner of the videos whose names and details are displayed in every video.

Of the many free resources on OOPs ABAP, we narrowed down these videos for two reasons.
1. A reliable source (SAP).
2. Brevity (Crisp and to the point).

The total length of all the 9 videos (5 Modules) is just 134 minutes ranging from 8 minutes to 25 minutes with an average of just 15 minutes per video. So, if you have 15 minutes to spare during a break or while commuting to/from work or just idle, watch these videos. I am sure, you can spare 15 minutes.

There are exercises after every concept. To take maximum advantage, we would encourage you to complete the exercise before proceeding to the next video. There are sample solutions/codes for every exercise and video explanation to the solution as well.

These videos may not be the substitute for the detailed OOPs ABAP training or Tutorials. But these are exhaustive enough to get you started in OOPs ABAP programming and precise enough to not waste your time and bore you with unwanted contents and preachings. We at SAPYard always believe in on the job learning. We might take numerous training or go through numerous books, but until and unless we use those concepts in real time projects and development, we really do not learn much.

The mantra is, make your hands dirty in the SAP system to learn.

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1. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 1A: Object Basics, From Functions to Objects, Attributes and Methods Concept – With Exercise


2. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 1B: Object Basics, From Functions to Objects, Attributes and Methods – Exercise Solution


3. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 2A: Local and Global Classes, SE24 / Class Editor, Class Attributes and Methods Concept – With Exercise


4. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 2B: Local and Global Classes, SE24 / Class Editor, Class Attributes and Methods – Exercise Solution


5. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 3: Overview of UML- Unified Modeling Language Concept


6. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 4A: Polymorphism and Interfaces Concept – With Exercise


7. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 4B : Polymorphism and Interfaces Concept – Exercise Solution


8. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 5A : Inheritance Concept – With Exercise


9. ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 5B :  Inheritance Concept – Exercise Solution


If you want the full pdf document of the above video tutorial, you can get it from this SDN link. The exercise solution is in this PDF document for you to refer and test.

If anyone would like to share some project scenario where they have implemented OOPs ABAP and the concept of Polymorphism or Inheritance, it would be a great help to our readers and OOPs ABAP enthusiasts. The glimpse of the usage of OOPs concept in real work give us better clarity and we can relate to the concepts. If anyone of you can share a real project UML, it would be wonderful too. We want to see how a complex actual UML looks like.

If you have any non-confidential code snippet, do let us know. We would be happy to publish your content.

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Do you have anything to add to this article? Have you faced any issue using OOPs? Do you want to share any real project requirement or solutions? Please do not hold back. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you very much for your time!!

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  1. HI SAP Yard,
    Great Job. The videos are placed one ahead of the topic since video for ABAP OOP Refresher – Module 1A is missing. Can you please verify?

    Keep up your good work!!


    • Dear Kishore – Thank you very much for your feedback. Module 1A video is there. Can you please check again and let us know if you still have issue.

      Team SAPYard.

  2. This is very awesome !!!!!!
    Expect more such kind of videos on Abstract classes and uses , scenarios where we use it .
    And Persistent classes , uses , scenarios where we use it .


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