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SAP ABAP Tutorials

How to find BAdIs

Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are a  SAP enhancement technique based on ABAP Objects. Two parts - Definition and its Implementation - definition can either be SAP...
SAP Tips

Some Tips

Here are some tips which may save some time for you. And it is always fun experimenting with the things you know. Problem: Suppose you...

Expensive SQL Statements

Expensive SQL statements: These are defined as sql statements that cause database to read many blocks from disk or buffer. a) User point of view: When...

WSDL file in SAP

Normally when a third party calls SAP, it does an RFC function module or BAPI call through Middleware. They can also do direct web...

Automatic Population of Values during Table Maintenance

When we need to maintain values for a custom table in a table maintenance generator, certain situations may arise where we need to automatically...

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