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.IDO file in SAP

*.IDO file for IDocs

If your legacy team or third party team or EDI team or non-SAP team asks you for an *.ido file for an IDoc type,...
SAP ABAP Change Pointer

A to Z of Custom Change Pointer

In this document, I have tried to provide every minute details needed to implement custom change pointers for the custom fields in the custom...
Custom fields in SAP MIRO

Add custom fields in standard MIRO header screen through BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS01

In this post, I would show how to add custom fields in the standard

Send RV80HGEN as executable program in transport request to activate VOFM routines

Sometime the VOFM routines need to be manually activated in other systems (say quality system, volume testing system etc) by executing program RV80HGEN. In...

Background job not listed in transaction SM50

Sometimes you may have a background job active in your job log in SM37 which you want to debug or do some analysis at...

Write Application Log

Application Log can be written using couple of function modules. Below is a code snippet with collection of all the function modules to write...

String wrap

SAP has provided function module 'RKD_WORD_WRAP' to wrap Character type variables. But we cannot use this FM to wrap String type variables. Either you...

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