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Table to check if BO has attachment or not

Table to check whether a business object has any GOS attachment or not

Many a times we need to check, how many GOS attachments are there in Purchase Orders or Purchase Requisitions or Vendors etc. The easiest...
Alternative for &SAP_EDIT and UASE16N

How to enable table entries maintenance in SE16N (Alternative for &SAP_EDIT and UASE16N)

By now most of us are not able to use &SAP_EDIT and UASE16N as SAP has restricted it from ECC 6.0 EHP6 and UASE16N...
Technical Type of BOM

How to get Technical Type of BOM

BOM Technical Type (RC29K-TETYP) is not directly saved in any table. We need to translate and determine the Technical Type. For this, we need...

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