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‘#’ character

New line ‘#’ character at the end of every line in SAP Application Server...

You notice that the file which you are saving into the Application Server using t-code CG3Z or which was FTPed or saved by other...
Variant of program

Trick to adjust the variants

Say, your variant was working fine till yesterday and to your surprise, you get message like below for the same variant."Variant xxxxxxxxx of program...
unlock sap program

Sample program to unlock the editor of a program.

TABLES: trdir.DATA: wa_trdir like trdir.PARAMETER: p_name like trdir-name.  " Program name* Get program details select single * from trdir into wa_trdir where name eq p_name.move...

Pop Up Debugging

All of us know this. Just posting for quick (on the go) reference.For those folks who are not aware how to debug pop-ups. Save...

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