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Personalization and Customization

Disable User Personalization in Web Dynpro Screen

In the previous post we saw  how someone can personalize the Web Dynpro screen to hide and unhide screen UI elements or fields. After...

Let’s Web Dynpro. Part VII

In this post I would like to show a very simple stuff, Personalization and Customization in Web Dynpro, which has quite a big impact...

SAP HANA at Ground Zero

In the last post, 'SAP HANA from Space Level', we figured out who is eligible for HANA and who not. In fact we conferred that...
SAP HANA Overview

SAP HANA from Space Level

HANA the “Hot cake” of the market. I have been hearing about HANA since the beginning of this decade or even earlier. Initially I...

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