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Maths in ABAP

Being an Engineering student, I am bit inclined towards Mathematics. A few months ago when I wanted to write a program to find out...

SAP HANA ; S/4 HANA and S/4 HANA Finance in Nutshell.

In traditional data warehouse, real time data analytics is not possible. It is limited by the design consideration or lets say its not designed...
Idoc from SAP to SAP

Sending Inbound IDocs from SAP Program

In most cases, the inbound IDoc to SAP is generated by an external system (say XI) and passed on to SAP. The inbound IDoc...
Onsite Coordinators

Different Breeds of Onsite Coordinator

In our earlier post on Offshore Development Model in 10 Steps, we emphasized, the success of the onshore/offshore model is highly dependent on the...

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