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8 Myths About SAP Cloud Platform

Introduction The SAP Cloud Platform is a platform and a service created for digital transformation. It contains a comprehensive set of application development services and...

SAP ABAP on HANA: Part XVIII. SALV IDA (Integrated Data Access)

SAP ALV Integrated Data Access Contents Introduction. Program Construct Step – I:  Design Selection Screen Step – II: Design Local Class for SALV IDA implementation Step – III: Call SALV...
what is SAP Workflow?

Understanding The Workflow Part II – 5W’s Of Workflow.

As promised, We are here with our next articles on the workflow that is going to explain about 5W's of SAP Workflow. Sorry to...
s/4 hana

SAP S/4 HANA in Two Minutes

Check this interesting insight on SAP HANA. Just 2 minutes to clarify the features of S/4 HANA. Also check our tutorial on SAP HANA. SAP ABAP for...

Understanding The Workflow Part I

Do you know, why someone or some business needs workflow to be implemented in their process?

What issues business will face if it is not implementing the workflow process in there business?

Can we implement the workflow in each and every business process?

Check this creative article with lots of animation and fun.
JavaScript for ABAPers

HTML and JavaScript for ABAPers. Part I – Introduction

Are you a pure ABAPer with not much experience in other programming language?

Are you learning SAPUI5?

We need to have the basic concept of HTML and JavaScript.

Please check 10 simple tips about JavaScript.

Query Browser and Analytical Queries

Have you used SAP Query Browser for Analytics?

Did you know Analytical Query nothing but CDS View?

Do you know the difference between Basic View, Composite View and Consumption View?

Check this short and useful explanation from Bhavesh.
Assembler and Compiler

Compilers, Assembler and Machine Code. Are they same?

Are compilers, assemblers and machine code synonymous to each other?

Do all computers talk the same machine code?

Do you know, Assembler has 1:1 relation while Compiler has 1:N relation depending on the language?

In which Generation of Programming Language does SAP ABAP fall into?

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