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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language

Genetic Algorithm – A very brief introduction

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language is the buzz of the town.

Did you hear about Genetic Algorithm and cared not to understand it, fearing it to be too statistical or biological? Or assuming it to be too complicated.

Check this article. IIT engineers always have simple explanations to any complicated concept.

Bhavesh describes Genetic Algorithm in the language which we can easily understand, decipher, assimilate and remember.

By the way, did you know SAP Model Mix Planning in APO is based on Genetic Algorithm?
Free SAP HANA Training

ABAP on SAP HANA. Part XIII. Sample Functional Specification of HANA Project

You have been learning about HANA and ABAP related to HANA.

But, you never got an opportunity to work in real HANA Project.

You have been scrambling through the internet to give the first view of SAP HANA Project's FDD or BRD.

Look no further. We have a Functional Specification Document for you from a Project where HANA is being implemented.

Quantity Conversion – Technical Details

We touched about configuration settings for Quantity Conversion in our other post

Today we would reveal some technical information about Quantity Conversion.

The Function modules, Enhancements and tables are what ABAPers would be interested in.

Let's take a deeper dive into the IS Oil and Gas SAP Solutions.
Step by Step guide to Personas

SAP Screen Personas – II – Benefits and Use case

Heard a lot about SAP Screen Personas?

But, could not experience the beauty of Personas.

Do not worry. Bhavesh has pledged to make us Personas ready.

Check how we can enhance (change description) and hide fields in SAP standard screens.
SAP IS Oil and Gas

Simplify Quantity Conversion – IS Oil and Gas SAP Solution

Have you worked in any IS Oil and Gas Implementation Project?

Have you ever recorded the Temperature and Density of fluids in SAP Projects?

Did Quantity Conversion ever give you nightmares?

Fear no more. We have the keys to those untrodden path of SAP IS Oil.

SAP Screen Personas – An Introduction

As an End User how many times did you wish a certain SAP Transcation was little more simpler?

As an ABAPer, how many times did you wish there was a better way to modify the standard Transaction and please the End Users?

Did you know, SAP heard the pain of both business/end users and the developers?

They introduced SAP Screen Personas which are like "Mask" on top of standard transaction which would be different for different User Groups.
Create Drop Down Input field

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part III. Drop Down in SAPUI5 Applications (2 Methods)

Do you know how to bind Drop Down SAPUI5 element to the Data Source?

What was your approach?

Did you know we can just drag and drop to create and display Drop Down UI elements?

This is an interesting article by a Beginner in SAPUI5 and his stuggle and learnings while developing his first SAPUI5 Application.

SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part VI. Printing Address in Adobe Form

Have you ever printed Address in SAP Adobe Forms?

Did you use the standard ADRNR field or select the Address manually?

Did you now, like Smartform, Adobe Forms can also handle the ADRNR number automatically?

You might want to check this simple yet useful post which shows how to print Address in SAP Adobe Forms.

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