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SAP HANA for Beginners

ABAP on SAP HANA: Part XIV. HANA Ready, HANA-tization & HANA Plus

After HANA DB Migration, what happens to the old custom code that was developed for the old/classical architecture?

How to identify what code can be HANA Optimized?

What is HANA-tization?

What are the Golden Points to be validated after any HANA Migration?

What is HANA Plus?

Please read further to un-reveal these HANA terminologies and puzzles.
SAP ABAP Training

SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part VIII. Displaying Include Texts in Adobe forms

In our previous post on Adobe Form, we discussed how to print Text Modules in Adobe. Smartforms is the transaction to create and save...

Fiori – Delightfulness explained by Kano model

Have you heard about Kano Model?

Do you know the difference between Expected Quality and Exciting Quality?

Confused? How are these terms related to SAP Fiori?

Check this article. Bhavesh has beautifully explained the importance of "Delightfulness" in SAP Fiori.

SAP Screen Personas III – Scripting

Did you try hiding and renaming the SAP standard fields and text in SAP Personas?

Did you secretly wish, there was a better way to perform some repetitive activity in your daily job in SAP?

Did you know you could train SAP to follow your orders and make your life easier?

Check how it can be done by Recording and Scripting in SAP Screen Personas.

OData and SAP Netweaver Gateway. Part VIII. SAP’s Love for OData – a Tale...

Do you know why SAP looked for OData solution?

Have you been providing Point to Point solutions to your client?

RFCs and BAPIs. Are they not the preferred interfacing technique anymore?

Linkin has provided a very narrative and easy to understand article. He reveals the tough concepts in a fluent story telling technique. Enjoy this wonderful eye opening session on SAP OData.

SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part VII. Displaying Text Module Texts in Adobe forms

Printing bunch of texts which do not change very often is a regular requirement in SAPScripts, Smartforms and Adobe.

Have you been hardcoding these texts in your form itself? Hopefully not.

Ram has provided a step by step tutorial to consume Text Modules in SAP Adobe.

Just like Standard Texts, we can use Text Modules for the texts which usually the Business maintain for their specific area.

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