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ABAP on SAP HANA: Part XVI. HANAtization

What ABAP developers need to understand and learn for SAP HANA?

What is the key feature of this HANA Database that brought a change in the coding paradigm?

When any database moves to a HANA, what needs to be done and checked to HANATIZE the code?

Let us try to solve some of the confusions and mysteries
SAPUI5 Training for free

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part IX. Alternative to oModel.setSizeLimit()

Did you know, SAP has defaulted the items to 100 for any UI display?

But, did you ever have a need to have more than 100 items?

How did you resolve it?

Most likely using setSizeLimit function.

But did you know there is a better way to achieve the same goal?

SAP Screen Personas IV – Performance Woes

In our previous blogs, we have talked about SAP Screen Personas, what they are are, what they can do and even how can you...

SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part IX. Displaying Dynamic Text in Adobe Forms

We have already learned how to display Text Modules (t-code Smartforms) and Include Texts (t-code SO10) in SAP Adobe Forms. While playing around with...
Deploy your first SAPUI5 App

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part VIII. Deploy my First SAPUI5 App in WebIDE

Do you know how to convert your SAPUI5 development to SAP Fiori App?

Did you face any issue during the SAPUI5 Deployment process?

Have you ever missed to save the LaunchPad Customization in a Transport request?

Also check some of the frequently encountered issues in custom SAPUI5 Fiori App.

Expose CDS View as an OData Service

ABAP on SAP HANA: Part XV. Expose CDS Views as OData Service through Annotation

Would you be surprised if we say, OData Services can be created without going to transaction SEGW?

You heard it right. CDS Views can be exposed as OData Services with just one magical Annotation line.

CDS itself was already powerful and with this feature it is like cherry on top of the icing.

Please check how we can create an OData Service from a CDS View, Register and Consume it in just 7 steps.

sapui5 for beginners

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part VII. An ABAPer’s First SAPUI5 App in SAP WebIDE

Are you a Beginner in SAPUI5?

Do you know how to read texts of input fields in SAPUI5?

Do you know how to Filter data in SAPUI5 Models?

Please read the real struggle of an experienced ABAPer who is a fresher in SAPUI5.

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part VI. Using Fragments in SAPUI5 Fiori Applications

What are Fragments in SAPUI5?

Why are Fragments considered lightweight?

Do you know the types of Fragments?

Check this very interesting and useful post to learn and understand how to use Fragments in UI5 applications.

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