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Multiple Operations in one Call

OData and SAP Netweaver Gateway. Part IX. How to Add Multiple Entities in One...

Did you know, if we want to create or update one header and multiple items then we then have to call Create/Update Header operation and then followed by the call Create/Update Items Operations in back to back multiple calls to Model?

Or is there some other Operation which we can call?

Have you heard about DEEP INSERT Operation?

Please check this interesting artile on OData along with SAPUI5 snippets.
SAP Workflow

Difference between Logical and Physical Deletion of Work Items in SAP Workflow

Hope you have used DELETE button individually and SHIFT + DELETE.

Did you know, the same concept is used as Logical Delete and Physical Delete in SAP Workflow?

Do you know how to Logically delete someone else's work items?.

Why do we suggest not to Physically Delete any work item in Production system?

Please read futher for all these useful tricks in SAP Workflow.

Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Success and Failure Stories

What is ERP and Its Importance?

Case 1: Success Story – ERP Implementation (Cadbury).

Case 2: Failure Story – ERP Implementation (Hershey).

Case 3: Turning Failure into Success - Story at Nike.

What does it take to be a good consultant?
ALV Hierarchy Structure

OOPs Report Using Splitter and ALV Tree Combination

Are you scared of Hierarchy ALV?

Do you know how to user Splitter Container?

Did you always want to write your report in OOPs.

If the answer to anyone is "Yes", this is an article you should not miss.

Please go through this interesting tutorial for real code and example.

External Debugging of an Application of another SAP User in other Location in another...

Did you ever want to debug someone else session directly in your machine?

Did you know, you can debug a transaction even if you do not have authorization to execute the transaction?

Have you heard about the command /hext user = username? It is similar like /h for normal debug and /hs for system debug.

Please continue to learn about this very useful trick to debug another person's application sitting at the comfort of your desk.

Applying Enterprise Integration Patterns in SAP ABAP

Do you know what Enterprise Integration Patterns is?

What is Point of Sale Data Management?

What is Idempotent Receiver ?

Please continue to briefly get an overview of these terms.

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part X. Alternative in Adobe Forms

Did you ever need to print something base on conditions?

If TRUE print in English else print in German language.

Or if a condition is passed display the output else do not show.

If you ever find at that cross road where two roads diverge in SAP Adobe, seek help of Alternative. :-)
9 SAPUI5 issues by ABAPer

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part XI. An ABAPer’s Second SAPUI5 App

Have you faced any issue while developing your first few SAPUI5 Apps?

Wont it be good if we showed you some common hiccups which every new UI developer would encounter?

We can always learn from others mistake and ourselves be prepared for the future.

Please read further to find 9 common issues and their resolutions in SAPUI5.

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