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media queries in sapui5

SAPUI5 Tutorial with WebIDE. Part X. Using Media Queries in UI5 Application

Have you heard about Media Queries in SAPUI5?

Why do we need CSS3 in SAPUI5?

Can’t we add styles directly to the HTML files?

Is your app responsive enough to adapt the layout as per the device size?

Please read further to find answers to these questions.

SAP Fiori Tutorial. Part III. Flow Chart to Enhance Standard SAP Fiori App

Do you know how to replace the standard OData service in Fiori?

Do you know how to re-define the standard OData service in SEGW?

Did you know, you have atleast 3 steps in standard Fiori App enhancement?

Please check this short and interesting article which shows just 3 Flow Charts for Fiori App enhancement.

ABAP on SAP HANA: Part XVII. ATC – ABAP Test Cockpit Setup & Exemption...

We have been going ga-ga about HANA. We talked about what ABAPer should expect to do on HANA migration project? We introduced you to...

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