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Media Handling using OData

SAP Netweaver Gateway and OData. Part XII. Media Handling using OData Gateways   

Did you ever have the requirement to upload and download music files from UI front end?

Have you ever explored the Media Property of Entity Type in OData to handle Media Information?

For media handling, did you know, we need to tweak Model Provider Class in addition to regular Data Provider Class?

Please check this practical article which you would need for every Netweaver Gateway Project.

How to Execute a Report Always in Background mode, even on Press of Function...

Did your Client ever ask you to force any program to be executed only in Background mode?

You just need to play with SSCRFIELDS-UCOMM.

Do you know what are the adjustments you have to make in the PF-Status?

Please check this interesting article which might help you in some simple requirements.
Configuring Adobe Forms

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XI. Configuring Adobe Forms in NACE, OPK8 and SPRO

Do you know how to configure the driver program and associated adobe form name?

Would you be surprised if we say, almost all scenario configurations are covered in t-code NACE and OPK8 and rest in SPRO?

Quality Management Forms are configured in SPRO Setting and PP/PM module forms are configured in OPK8.

Please go through this useful topic. It would not take more than 2 minutes to read.

How to Email Smartform as PDF Attachment to Multiple Users?

Did you ever need to send Smartform as PDF attachment through email directly?

Will you believe me, if I said there are only 4 steps to remember to meet this requirement?

Is your PDF attachment corrupt in the email?

Please find the detailed steps with working code snippet and sample output for this common request from the clients.
SAP Ariba Integration

A to Z of Integration of SAP Ariba with SAP ECC

SAP Ariba has designed a simple and flexible integration solutions and framework.

There are two ways of integrating ECC with Ariba.

Method 1 is by Standard Ariba Network Adapter and Method 2 is by Integration Tool Kit.

Please check this detailed document which shows SAP ECC and SAP Ariba Integration using Standard Ariba Network Adapter.
Customer Exit

How to Compel SAP Users to Go To Particular Transactions as per Roles after...

Did you ever get a requirement to force some end users to execute some particular transactions when they logged in?

The t-code is mapped to the role and responsiblities of the User.

Some critical jobs have to be performed by these individuals, the moment they log into SAP.

Please check the innovative solution along with real case use of Enhancement Technique.
What is SAP CoPilot?

SAP CoPilot – SAP’s own Digital Assistant Introduction

Did you know SAP has released it's first Digital Assistant?

Like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Samsung's Bixby, now SAP has SAP CoPilot.

What is the system requirement to get this CoPilot? How can SAP CoPilot help the user?

Please check this interesting post to know more about SAP CoPilot.
Query Options and HTTP Status Code

OData and SAP Netweaver Gateway. Part XI. Query Options & HTTP Status Code Summary

Do you know how to build Query Options in OData Services?

Did you know, for some Queries, we do not need to write any code while for some we have to implement some code?

If you get HTTP status code error 403, then where should you look for error resolution? Client side or Server Side? i.e. SAPUI5 side or SAP Backend side?

Please check this practical article on OData Services Query Options and HTTP Status Codes.

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