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How to Debug any Work Item in SAP Workflow?

Do you know how to Debug SAP Workflow Work Item?

Did you know the Agent Determination Default Rule is linked to a standard function module "ME_REL_GET_RESPONSIBLE"?

Did you know we can enhance and write our own custom business rule in this FM?

Please check this useful SAP Workflow article, which shows how to put a breakpoint and debug the Agent Determination SAP Workflow Task.
Service PO in SAP

How to Add and Change PO Service Line using BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE?

Did you ever need to modify the SAP PO Service Line?

Did you use BDC or BAPI for Service Line changes?

What issues did you encounter while trying to use BAPI to edit and add PO Service Line Items??

Please check this technical article which would highlight the pain points of implementing BAPI for PO Service Lines and also guide you how to get it done using the BAPI_PO_CHANGE.
Pricing in SAP

How to Get Accurate Pricing in SD for Customer and Material?

Did you ever working on Pricing in SAP?

Were you asked to retrieve bunch of data based on the customer and the material?

Do you know how to get the Customer Hierarchy?

Please check this technical article which would show you how to traverse through the standard tables and function modules, if you are looking to enhance your Pricing.

Apply for these Open Positions and Jobs

We found that recruiters and employees put lots of information about real vacancies and openings on LinkedIn and also on Facebook. But many of our...
Extensive ALV Report Programming

Extensive Tips and Tricks for Interactive SAP ALV

Do you know how to make an ALV field Editable, Hidden or as Check Box?

Do you know how to do Summation in ALV and provide F4 Help for any ALV field?

Have you ever had to Refresh the ALV output on any Action or display some data on TOP-OF-PAGE?

Please check this practical article which would work as your ready guide and reference for any SAP ALV development work.
Edit ALV Row in SAP Report

ALV with an Editable Row

Have you ever worked on making the ALV Row Field(s) Editable?

Do you know how to use the Docking Container correctly in ALV?

Did you face the strange issue where you ALV Report worked fine in foreground mode but dumped everytime in back ground mode?

Check this practical post to answer all the stated issues in ALV Report.
SAP Fiori Default Language in German

SAP Fiori Tutorial. Part IV. How to change non-English Default Language in Fiori Launch...

Did your SAP Fiori Launchpad ever showed up in German Language?

Did you fix it or did your Admin do it for you?

Please check this interesting artile on SAP Fiori which shows how to change the default Language of Fiori.
Transfer million of entries fast

How to create effective custom RFC function to integrate millions of records super fast...

What is SAP BODS?

How can BODS connect with SAP?

Can BODS be used for large volume of data?

Please check this interesting artile on SAP BODS where the author has transferred and updated more than 15 million records in no time.

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