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Assembler and Compiler

Compilers, Assembler and Machine Code. Are they same?

Are compilers, assemblers and machine code synonymous to each other?

Do all computers talk the same machine code?

Do you know, Assembler has 1:1 relation while Compiler has 1:N relation depending on the language?

In which Generation of Programming Language does SAP ABAP fall into?
concurrency in sapui5

SAP Netweaver Gateway and OData. Part XIII. Entity Tags in SAP OData Gateways

Did you ever face update issue in SAPUI5 Applications?

Was there ever a dead lock situation in your OData Services?

Did you know, we can handle Concurrency in SAP Netweaver Gateway using ETags?

Please check how multiple users can handle the same record simultaneously.

Applications of SAP BRF+ ECC Integrations Examples

Are you scared of the term Business Rule Framework or BRF+?

Is it for Business only?

Or is it for ABAPers only?

Kei Hau has prepared a real use case and provided enough information for anyone to kick start BRF+.
Benefits of OOPs

Practical Use of OOPs ABAP – Model View Controller (MVC). Part III

Did you think, supporting a OOPs ABAP program is a nightmare?

Did you know that decoupling of Model, View, and Controller actually helps ABAPers?

If the Business Logic of an existing OOPs Program changes, how should we correct it?

Jyoti has pledged to make us OOPs ready. Check this out.

Practical Use of OOPs ABAP – Model View Controller (MVC). Part II

How should you handle if there is a change in an already delivered OOPs Program?

Do you think OOPs is a hassle or a blessing?

Check how Jyoti has created another class and enhanced the existing OOPs Report.

Please check this real time real project scenario on OOPs ABAP.
migration of smartform to interactive adobe form

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XII. How to Convert Smartform to Adobe Form?

Have you ever tried to convert Smartform to SAP Adobe Form?

Did you know that SAP has already provided a mechanism to convert Smartform to Adobe with few clicks?

Follow these step by step guides.

Migration in SAP has never been so seamless.

Practical Use of OOPs ABAP – Model View Controller (MVC). Part I

Vehicle or Animal Classes with Cars, Jeeps or Cats, Lions as Objects do not fancy you any more?

Do you want a real example with Selection Screen, Database Query and Display with OOPs Concept?

Do you want to see how for real can one class be used in another class?

Jyoti has prepared this Practical Example with Unconventional explanation. Please check it.

Fetching Data from Memory Stack Using New Tool (in Debugger)

Have you done Stack Programming in ABAP?

In old debugger we used to look into memory stack at run-time and then find the variables from the loaded program.

It was time consuming and needed some expertise.

With the New Debugger, finding the variables which are hidden deep in some loaded programs has become a child's play.

Check how it can be easily done with the help of New Tool in New Debugger.

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