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S/4 HANA Overview

SAP S/4 HANA Technical Overview – Part I

Finally, this week, we got an opportunity to look into a real S/4 HANA On-Premise Business Suite. We cannot express the joy we experienced...

Design Thinking in SAP Implementation

CHAPTER 1 I have spent more than a decade in SAP consulting and during this time, I have been involved in at least a dozen...

Code Quality Control, Simplified!!

After Simple Logistics and Simple Finance, should we coin this as Simple Code Inspector? :) We assume that by now all the SAP Technical Consultants...
Parallel Processing Technique

SPTA Parallel Processing Framework in ABAP

Parallel Processing Technique in SAP ABAP using SPTA Framework  With the advent of HANA and In-Memory processing, this topic might look mis-timed. But, there are many...
Lazy Programmers

Automatically Fill Test Data in FM & BAPIs for SE37 – The Lazy Way

We often come across many issues with the upload programs that we develop to facilitate mass upload. The most boring work that I feel...
SAP ABAP on HANA Projects

Real SAP HANA Project Discussions and Lessons Learnt

There are numerous S/4 HANA Projects which need Consultants viz Functionals, Technicals, Analysts, End Users. But there are not many lucky ones who have had real hands-on SAP HANA Work experience. Most folks theoretically know, broadly there are...
Routing and Navigation in SAPUI5

Routing and Navigation in SAP UI5 – Theoretical Explanation Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Navigation and Routing in SAPUI5 Theoretical Explanation. But this would not be a pure theory. We would see some codes...

Routing and Navigation in SAP UI5 – Theoretical Explanation Part 1

SAP UI5 Framework offers a special and efficient concept for Navigation between its screens/Views. Let us refresh this all-important concept which every front-end developer...

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