ABAP on SAP HANA. Part XIII. Sample Functional Specification of HANA Project

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We received tremendous feedback from our readers regarding the “SAP HANA ABAP” Tutorial series. We are glad that our effort was fruitful and numerous beginners in HANA ABAP benefitted from our posts. We would like to thank all our Authors and Contributors who have provided the inputs and materials for the practical tutorial.

After going through the tutorial series, a lot of participants queried if we could provide them with some real SAP ABAP on HANA project BRD (Business Requirement Document). We have often replied to them that with HANA database, the business does not change. The BRD remains the same as it was earlier for the traditional database. The way we design our technical solution would change with HANA as a database. We might use new dimensions like CDS View, AMDP, Procedures or write code in the database itself. But why will the business document change if there is a change in the software/hardware? 🙂

But some of our beloved readers still insisted on going through some real project requirement documents. Just for the visual appeasement of those readers who want to confirm and get the taste of real specification, we are sharing a functional specification. Please treat it as a sample functional specification.

PS: Any resemblance to any actual project document (ongoing, live or dead) is purely coincidental. 🙂

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Real HANA Project Functional Specification

Hope this functional specification gives confidence to our ABAPers. Nothing has changed. It is the same wine in a different bottle.

If you have not taken advantage of our step by step SAP HANA ABAP Tutorial, we would sincerely suggest you go through it. You would thank us later.

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