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What is Data Lake?

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

What really is Data Lake?
For some, Data Lake is a repository for large quantities and varieties of data, both structured and unstructured. For others, data lake is an architectural strategy and an architectural destination.

With all the new data connecting us, we should be sailing smoothly. Unfortunately, we are drowning in our own data.

SAP HANA for beginners


In our other post ‘ SAP ABAP Tips‘, we shared some uncommon but very useful tips on ABAP. In this post, I would like to share similar useful tips in regards to SAP HANA. i)…

S/4 HANA Finance – 1

Trust you have been following our blogs 🙂 . Moving forward from basics of S/4 HANA finance , lets see  few of the Notable  features of S/4 HANA Finance  that makes it popular . Salient…