Background job not listed in transaction SM50


Sometimes you may have a background job active in your job log in SM37 which you want to debug or do some analysis at run time. But to your surprise, you might not be able to see it in Process Overview t-code SM50.

The above job/report is not in the SM50 list below.


Solution 1:
Your landscape must be having more than one application servers. So you need to look into other servers other than the server where SM50 is running. Check the above screen shot. The SM50 was running in server 05. The list of servers can be seen from t-code SM51.

Check the job which you are hunting for is present in server 07.
Solution 2: You can also see your job in the Global Work Process Overview t-code SM66.
Check in the below screen, there are jobs from different servers(20/02/04/05/07 etc). You can see the jobs which was not present in SM50 list.

Tip to debug active job:
You can debug the finished background jobs scheduled by your own user id by using command JDBG.

You can debug the active background jobs scheduled by any user id using t-code SM50/SM51.
Select the job, Program/Session->Program->Debugging.

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