PO re-price issue in BAPI_PO_CHANGE

BAPI_PO_CHANGE is used for re-pricing the Purchase Order. The calculation type CALCTYPE should be set to ‘B’ (meaning ‘Carry out new pricing’) and PRICEDATE should be set to ‘3’ (meaning ‘Current Date’). Code snippet

String wrap

SAP has provided function module ‘RKD_WORD_WRAP‘ to wrap Character type variables. But we cannot use this FM to wrap String type variables. Either you need to transfer the string type data into a character type…

Central Address Management (CAM) in MK02

In one of our development, we had to update Purchasing Group of vendor using BDC calling transaction MK02. We came across a strange issue, i.e., the change document header (CDHDR) and change document item (CDPOS)…