SAP Web Intelligence

Introduction To SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence

Have you heard about Web Intelligence or WebI?

It has been part of SAP Business Object Product Suite from 1990. Yes!! Since 1990.

The current version of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is 4.1.

Check the 5 important features and functionalities of SAP WebI.

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What is Data Lake?

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

What really is Data Lake?
For some, Data Lake is a repository for large quantities and varieties of data, both structured and unstructured. For others, data lake is an architectural strategy and an architectural destination.

With all the new data connecting us, we should be sailing smoothly. Unfortunately, we are drowning in our own data.

License Key Tables in SAP

MLICHECK and SAPLIKEY are the two tables concerned with License Key. MLICHECK table is only used for SAP BASIS/WEBAS 6.40 and below. SAP_LIKEY table is for SAP products running on Netweaver 7. SAPLIKEY (new licenses) –…