Central Address Management (CAM) in MK02

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In one of our development, we had to update Purchasing Group of vendor using BDC calling transaction MK02. We came across a strange issue, i.e., the change document header (CDHDR) and change document item (CDPOS) tables were wrongly updated by object class ‘ADRESSE’ even though we did not make any change in the address values.

When we update the Purchasing Group of vendor manually from transaction MK02, the ‘ADRESSE’ object class is not populated in CDHDR/CDPOS.




Normally, you would not be able to see the Central Address Management (CAM) check box in transaction MK02. But when you record the transaction for BDC using t-code SHDB, you would be able to see a check box at the bottom (screen shot of recording below). This check box is the solution to such issues.

Just populate or tick this check box in your BDC code, and you are done.

Related Issues and Solution:

In some scenarios, you might actually need to update the address fields but some address fields say; email address is not getting updated correctly. In such cases as well, you just need to check the Central Address Management checkbox in your BDC recording.

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