Code Snippets

1. Dynamic Where Condition

2. Dynamic Internal Table

3. UNIX Command in SAP ABAP

4. Geo Coordinates in SAP

5. GPS like tool in SAP

6. GOS Attachment of any file from Application Server to any Business Object

7. Parallel Cursor Technique

8. Write Application Log

9. Emails with more than 50 Character subject line

10. String Wrap

11. Unlock the editor of a program

12. ALV Display using factory method (class CL_SALV_TABLE)

13. Selection Screen in SAP

14. Pop Up Screen with Selection Option

15. Update Custom fields of PRPS (WBS) table

16. Just 4 Versions of the same program to understand OOPs ABAP

17. How to convert an existing ABAP Report to OOPs ABAP


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