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Please Share!!

Do you want to Contribute & get some cool Gifts?

Please accept our gratitude for showing your interest in contributing to SAPYard. Wear your blogger’s hat and start typing your SAP articles here.

There are no limitations. Just share anything and everything you have learned. Share Tips and Tricks. Start your own Tutorial Series. Prepare your Step by Step Training documents. Share the issues/problems you faced at real projects and the solutions you implemented. Have you developed any utility tool which can be leveraged by others? Did you find something interesting in SAP? Or just share your story at work. Anything related to SAP is acceptable at SAPYard.

Simple Guidelines

Although there are not limitations, but if you follow the below guidelines it would help us provide quality content to the SAP World.

i. All articles should be your own (no copy paste from other portals). You can always refer to other documents/blogs and create your own unique article with your inputs, creativity, explanation and understanding of the topic.

ii. If you intend to email your articles to us, please send the documents in the word (.doc) format.

iii. There should be sufficient screen prints from your system and make the articles as interesting as possible and as informative as possible.

iv. All the code snippets (if any) related to the topic should be working code and the readers should be able to execute it as it is in their system.

How to Contribute?

Method 1: Register at SAPYard. Get a User Id and Password. Start Posting your Articles. Click Here to Register.

Method 2: This is the preferred method by most contributors. Prepare a word document with enough screenshots and explanations and send the documents to

When do I get the Gift?

The day your 7th article gets published at SAPYard, you will receive your gift. After that, you get a gift for every 5th article you publish. There is no limitation to the numbers of articles you can publish and receive gifts for. Your photo and profile details would be featured on the website along with the gift you received.

What are you waiting for? Start contributing and earn your Gift!!!

In a case of further queries, please feel free to write to us at

Take a glance at our Star Contributors and the gifts they received till now.

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Please Share!!

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