Create & Change Variants without Fire Fighter


At times, you need to create or modify the program variants directly in Production system. Usually the variants are moved in transports and that is the right way. But certain clients allow you to create variants in production system directly.

The dilemma is, you do not have access to SE38, SA38, SE80 or variant t-code in production system to create/change variants. You need to log in using your Fire Fighter id. For those youngsters who have never worked in any support project, Fire Fighter is a user id which has elevated role. You have privilege to all those transactions which you do not have access with your normal user id. But, keep in mind, the Fire Fighter is monitored id. Every click of yours is tracked and you need to be very careful while using it.

Creating/changing the variant via Fire Fighter id is not that painful, but lately I have been updating/changing the variants without using Fire Fighter role and also not via SE38/SA38/SE80.


This might be very common practice, but since I learnt it (accidentally) so late in my career, therefore thought of  sharing it. There might be someone like me who is not aware of this method and would appreciate this.

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The assumption here is, you have access to batch job scheduling and display t-code SM37.

Check I do not have access to SE38.

SAP Variant

Go to SM37. Search for a job which is already scheduled or running in your system for the program for which you want to create/change/update the variant.

Fire Fighter

Check we found three jobs for our program.


Choose one of the job and hit Step button.


Keep the cursor on the program name, click GoTo menu and Maintain Variants.


Check you are in ABAP: Variants Screen.


You can change, display and create variants here. But please take extra caution. You need to know what you are doing and you should have the valid requirements and approvals for the change and/or create.

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