How to Add Customized Node in SPRO? 

Custom Node in SPRO

Can we add our customized node in SPRO? 

You might love ABAPers or hate them. But you can never ignore them. Forget about imagining SAP World without ABAPers. Put all Artificial Intelligence you can. Or make everything 100 percent Automatic. But whenever the end user or business user or functional consultant need any custom enhancement, is there any alternative to the awesome SAP ABAP Developers? 🙂

In this post, we would talk about a simple yet very handy enhancement which makes the life of the Functional Experts easy by accommodating custom nodes in SPRO. (just a small proof of importance of ABAPers) 😛

Over the course of implementation, there would be many customized tables and I am sure most of the functional expert doesn’t want to remember the Customized Z table names which they need for master data maintenance.

So what is the alternative then?

Ans: Rather than finding their personal notes, documentations and searching for tables,  SPRO is one easy solution for them.

Here is a simple approach to Creating a Node in SPRO.

STEP1: Create a table ZTEST_SPRO in SE11.

Custom node in SPRO

Provide the Delivery Class C (customize table).

Maintain the fields and Technical settings.

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STEP2: Create table Maintenance Generator.

SAP Tips

sap abap tutorial

STEP3: Maintain the entries in Table Go to T-code SM30.

spro customization
sap abap tutorial

Now we have one entry in table ZTEST_SPRO.

Did you notice, till now (step3), we have not done any enhancement yet? We just made the stage ready for us to play. 🙂

STEP4: Go to SPRO we will add our Node in Sales and Distribution node.

Sales and Distribution is just an example. You can choose any Node as per your requirement.


STEP5: go to T-code SIMGH.

Mind it. It is not Singh of “Singh is King”. It is Simgh. 😛


Click on F4 Help to find out our desire Node (Search by title as given below).


Select Sales and Distribution in search help.

Select SALES AND DISTRIBUTION in search help.

STEP6: Click on edit.

SPRO Customization

SPRO Enhancement

Click on English in pop up.

As you can see we have all nodes under sales and distribution.

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STEP7: Select Sales and distribution and click on insert structure node (circled on above image) as sub node and give the description.

SUB NODE In spro

So our node appeared here now let’s add our Customize table in this node.

STEP8: Select Test Node Workflow and click on “Activity” icon highlighted below.

STEP9: Maintain the details as given below and create the “documentation” by hitting create button.

SPRO Documentation

Enter some details in the document.

how to maintain documentation in SAP?

STEP10: In Maintain Object Tab. enter the below entries.

maintain object in SPRO

Maintain Type – “S” table with text table.

So finally we have our added node in Tree. Now save the changes.

For a change, let me ask you something. Are you HANA Ready?

Let’s test our scenario. Go to T-Code SPRO.

Follow the path Sales and Distribution–> Test Node Workflow–>Test Workflow User Details.

Enhancement in SPRO

So we have our table here to play with. No need to remember neither the t-code nor the table name. Isn’t it convenient? 🙂

This is the simple solution which we provided to our Happy Business Users and Functional Consultants.. 🙂 Hope you found it useful.

Have you provided any custom tool or trick to your Business Users?

We want to hear from you. Please leave your quick comment below. If you have any question for me, please feel free to mention it too.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the explanation. I have a slightly different problem. Could you please help me? During an upgrade a custom node (IMG structure) has dissapeared from SPRO structure. It is exists on the system and I have to reassign it to the correct place. I am trying to achieve it with S_IMG_EXTENSION , but I do not know how to do it.


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