How to enable table entries maintenance in SE16N (Alternative for &SAP_EDIT and UASE16N)

Alternative for &SAP_EDIT and UASE16N

By now most of us are not able to use &SAP_EDIT and UASE16N as SAP has restricted it from ECC 6.0 EHP6 and UASE16N is already obselete. But all the doors are yet not closed for the developers to add/delete/change entries in SE16N.


Go to the table which you want to modify in transaction SE16N. Give the table name and filter criteria (if any). Go to the command field and type ‘/h’ and press enter.


This would activate the normal debugging session. Execute (F8) to enter in debugging session. Just make the below two variables as checked (X) and press F8.


The table is open for you to play around. Check the insert, delete etc buttons. Also check the fields are editable now.


note: Please use this trick judiciously and ethically.


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  1. how about this “you are not authorized to edit field contents” ” when trying to change the value from the sy-subrc.

    • Thank you Jeff for stopping by leaving your comment.

      If security guys tie us tight, then there is nothing we can do. As long as there is a loop hole, we can exploit it. 🙂

      Team SAPYard.

  2. It is a nice one documentation.
    Now in EHP7 there is no option to user &SAP_EDIT.
    After seeing this documentation, i am using this method one…

    very useful one for Functional Consultants…

  3. Hi, I would like to know what kind of authorization you need to have in your profile to be able to do that? I need to have S_TABU_DIS “02” or is enought to have SE16N access? Thanks in advance!

  4. Thanks Raju, its very helpful information especially when you want to change data during debugging or doing a quick fix of data for validations etc.

    • Thanks William.. Yes, very often we need to prepare our own data for testing/validation. Also at times we want to fake the system to do something.. But all in Non-Production system.. 🙂



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