How to Print Vertical Bar Code in SAP Forms?

Bar Code in SAP Forms

We all know, SAP is an ocean and we find hidden treasures every other day. A few days back, I got a requirement from my client to print Bar Code in the output form. I have worked in all printing technologies in SAP (SAP Script, Smartforms, and Adobe Forms), so I thought, this development should go to a beginner in SAP ABAP. Not to someone who has more than 12 years of SAP ABAP and CRM experience. I thought, what value would it add to my skill set?

Never the less, it was assigned to me. When I went through the requirement in details, they had mentioned in bold, the bar code should be printed Vertical. Oh man!! I was wrong. 12 years was not enough for me to learn everything in Forms in SAP. Probably, the whole life time would never be sufficient to completely swim over the SAP Ocean. Forget about diving deep. 😀

When I figured out that I have never done Vertical Bar Code, I sent out a note to few of my friends, if they have done Vertical Bar Code printing. As usual, all my contacts gave a negative help. :P. Last week Sunday, we celebrated Friendship day. What an irony? 🙂

Now I knew, my problem was my own and I needed to find the solution myself. And with a little research, I was able to deliver the product well ahead of time.

Before this, you can check Images, Graphics, and Logo in Adobe Forms.

This is what I did and how I printed the bar code vertically.

Transaction – SE73

Choose System Bar Codes and then Change button.

Bar Code in SAP

Create Bar Code using Create button.

Vertical Bar Code

It asks for New Bar Code Technology or Conventional System Barcode. Choose one as per your requirement.

Christen your Bar Code. I coined it as ZZVBC.

Use any of the Bar Code Symbologies, this will determine the type of Bar Codes.

Now choose Bar Code Alignment, this is the most important part as this will determine whether the Barcode will become Vertical or Horizontal.

“Rotated”, makes your bar code Vertical. This is the trick which I wanted to share in this article. 😛

By the way, did you check our Tutorial about JavaScript in SAP Adobe Form?

We at SAPYard always say solutions in SAP are not complex. But reaching to that simple solution, i.e. finding that solution is the difficult part and time-consuming part.

Now choose the height & width of the Bar Code.

If you did not believe my words that Rotate would create Vertical Bar Code, then this screen would confirm it.

Save it in some transport and use it wherever you need it.

I have used in one of my forms and it looks like below.

It is indeed Vertical Bar Code. 😀

This was a simple trick. Hope you would find it useful when you need it in some real project and no one in the team has ever worked in Vertical Bar Code.

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