How to upload the PDF format directly into Adobe form layout

Adobe Forms in SAP
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This tutorial demonstrates how to upload the PDF format directly into Adobe form layout. This will reduce the effort to draw the lines, boxes, tables etc. In short, it would help the developers design the layout better and faster.

Without much ado, let us jump to the steps.

Go to transaction SFP:  I remember SFP as SmartFormPDF 🙂

Select the Interface Radio button, give the name of the Interface, for example, ZRJ_INTERFACE


Press on Create, enter the short description.

Import Adobe Layout
Save and Activate. Press Back Button.

Select the Form Radio button, give the Form name, for example, ZRJ_PDFLAYOUT_UPLOAD

SAP Adobe

Press on Create Button. Enter the short description and Interface name which we created earlier.

Interface in SAP Adobe

Adobe in SAP

Select Layout Tab. Tools->Import


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Note: The Original PDF which would be used as template looks like below. Imagine the amount of effort it would take for a developer to design this if the template is not readily available for import.


Select the PDF file which you wanted to import.


Hit Ok.

SAP Fiori

The entire PDF layout will get imported into SAP and would look like below. Now you can easily add, remove and change the boxes. The skeleton is ready to start the work.


Summary: The above steps might look self-explanatory. But for someone who is exploring Adobe forms in SAP for the first time, this tutorial might be a ready reference. By following the above steps, they would avoid wasting their time by manually designing the layout and utilize their time better in applying the business logic and providing an error-proof and better solution.

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