*.IDO file for IDocs

.IDO file in SAP
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If your legacy team or third party team or EDI team or non-SAP team asks you for an *.ido file for an IDoc type, do not scratch your head. Ido file is corresponding file for the control data and segment details of the SAP Idoc basic type. Ido file will have all the necessary information for the non-sap system to map with the SAP Idoc.

Follow the simple steps written below and send the *.ido file to the requester within minutes.


Steps to get *.Ido file

Idoc basic type PEXR2002 (Payment/payment advice note/credit memo/debit advice) is taken for demonstration.

1. Go to transaction WE60 and key in the basic type. Check the Control Record and Data Record check box.2. Go to Documentation->Parser

3. Documentation for the basic type is displayed. This is the data which needs to be sent to *.ido file

4. Now we need to save this documentation in .ido format. Go to System->List->Save->Local File.5. Select unconverted radio button.

6. You will be asked for file path and file name.7. Give the desired path and file name, but make sure to change the extension from .txt to .ido. Press the Generate button. This is the ido file which we are looking for. (surprised.. yes *.ido file which the EDI/Legacy team asked is this simple file with extension .ido)

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