Is data element BOOLE_D and CHAR1 same in SAP Selection Screen?

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In one of our post in Web Dynpro we showed that WDY_BOOLEAN and FLAG data elements, which are both of type CHAR 1 behave differently. Similarly, very recently, I came to know that all CHAR1 data elements are not same.

Let us look this example.

You expect a selection screen parameter with one character length. You are right.

check box in sap

Now, instead of TYPE CHAR1, let us take BOOLE_D which is also of TYPE CHAR1.

What do you expect the output to be?
Honestly, I expected the same as above. One character placeholder. But to my surprise, when I execute this piece of code, it gave me a CHECKBOX.



All these years, I have been using the explicit CHECKBOX statement to generate a checkbox in the selection screen. And every time, I needed to declare a checkbox in my selection screen, I needed to refer to previous code snippet, google or do an F1 to get the syntax. Even after 10 years of ABAP programming, I do not remember the syntax (actually, I do not want to).

But not anymore. Now, I can declare a CHECKBOX in my selection screen without referring anything.. 🙂

This is the explicit CHECKBOX syntax.


The output of both these PARAMETERS is the same.

check box declaration

So next time you need a CHECKBOX for your program, you have another alternative. 🙂

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Please note: All one character data elements of TYPE CHAR1 which has a domain with Value Range X and blank can be used for CHECKBOX declaration.

check box in sap 4

Data elements like WDY_BOOLEAN, BOOLE_D, FLAG, LVOMA etc can be used for CHECKBOX.

I am sure, all of us knew about the Value Range domains. But did you really use them in such practical cases?

Food for thought:
Data element FLAG can be used for CHECK BOX declaration. Can we NOT use data element FLAG1 for CHECK BOX declaration? FLAG1 is also CHAR1 type. 🙂

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  1. There are many ways to do the same thing but we often settle by one of them without knowing other better options. This is definitely one of them. I am definitely recommend to use it in my team :).

  2. Raju, Good to write up such seemingly negligible but handy tips.
    I would like to add that any data element with a domain of ABAP_TRUE/ABAP_FALSE ( space / X ) will appear as a checkbox on sel screen. On an ALV also, a field of type XFELD will appear as a checkbox.
    Plus, When you add fields of such a domain to the screen (module pool) you are prompted to make it a checkbox.

    • Dear Vimzie, Thank you very much for your insight on the topic. True, these seem trivial tips but are really useful practically.

      Our readers would benefit from your points.

      Team SAPYard.

  3. I don’t remember the syntaxes as well. This will come handy (if and when I write a code).

    Data elements play an important role while variable declarations… especially with different internal and external formats.
    Thanks for sharing.


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