Journey to SAPUI5

SAPUI5 and Fiori
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Welcome to the future of SAP User Interfaces. In these years, SAP has released many solutions to enhance the user experience on their application like SAP Web-Dynpro, SAP GUI Theme Customization and Screen-Painter. But in 2013 SAP FIORI 1.0 was released and revolution of UI had begun.

The technology behind the Fiori is SAPUI5, which is a combination of HTML5, CSS3, XML, and JavaScript. So if you are familiar with web programming and design, you would pick it up faster than your other colleagues.

Create your first SAPUI5 Application and Consume Custom OData Service with No Custom Code

What advantages does SAPUI5 provide to the developers?

1. Say no to old-fashioned UI!
It is Open source under the Apache 2.0 license by SAP. SAP and Open Communities must have professional resources to research and developing over and over to keep it updated perfectly.

2. Fully compatible with SAP HANA Platforms
SAPUI5 offer standards for HANA Database connection, back-end technology integration support, SAP Business Intelligent and much more.

3. Create your own Custom Fiori Apps
Be limitless with developing your own custom application on SAP HANA Platform. Select the theme you want from SAPUI5 or you can redesign elements using CSS classes.

End to End Implementation and Configuration of Two Fiori Apps with No Coding

4. Mobility experiences on devices like tablet or mobile phone
SAPUI5 has many Libraries you can choose and you can combine plenty of android-iphone elements for your application. Design your device flexibility application through components in SAPUI5

5. Beautifully UX Icons just for you
Have you ever been confused which icon you should use for one element, does it match with other elements? Don’t worry! I also experienced that. SAPUI5 icons is the solution.

This is one of the shortest posts in SAPYard. This is our first stop in the beautiful journey of learning SAPUI5. Hang on with us and we promise our transition from normal ABAPer to UI5 Developer would be smooth, engaging and fun-filled.

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About the Author: Yoppie Ariesthio
Yoppie is a graduate in Computer Information Systems. He is an enthusiast in SAPUI5 and SAP HANA Technical. Currently, he is working full-time in the area of SAPUI5 and loves to share his knowledge gained at his work.

Find more about him on LinkedIn.

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