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Over the years, SAPYard has gradually become the playground for many SAP enthusiasts and learners. We always wanted our page to become a full-fledged Yard for all members and subscribers where they could play SAP-SAP. Hopefully one day we would proudly announce on this very page the numbers of visitors interacting each day, asking and solving problems real time.

Every day, we receive suggestions, feedbacks, criticism and requests from our readers and visitors. We would like to thank all our loyal readers and visitors for their time and thoughts. You guys encourage us to remain motivated.

There are  some special SAPYard members who spend a considerable amount of time and put unconditional efforts to prepare contents and share their knowledge with us at SAPYard. We cannot thank enough to those committed members of our Team. We really feel fortunate to have them in our Team. They are our backbone, who steal some time out from their leisure and after-office hours and utilize those time contributing to our page. They prepare helpful documents, post unconventional articles and easy to understand tutorials and tips on our page.

We have planned to acknowledge our gratitudes to those dedicated and hard working individuals. We value their talent and skill. We appreciate what they are continuously doing for SAPYard. Thank you, Friends! We have no words to express our feelings.

The first Team member whom we want to Thank today is our SAP Adobe Guru, Ram Daruru. He is very passionate about ABAP and learning new things in SAP. He is always keen to learn and share. When he is not writing articles for SAPYard, you can find him at the Billiard board or find him watching Cricket at some sports bar. He is also fond of music and a vivid reader. Of late he has started paying special attention to his health and therefore you would find him jogging at the nearby park or on the treadmill. These days, he is really focussed on running. Do not be surprised, if he shares a picture from Bangalore Marathon finish line in near future on his social media page. 🙂

Ram also provides classroom and online SAP training. He is also an experienced corporate SAP-ABAP trainer. If you are looking for SAP ABAP training, you can contact him at or ring him at +91-966-380-0688 for more details.

Finally, here is the face for the name, Ram Daruru. If you see him on the streets of Bangalore, do not forget to say “Hello” to him. If you want, you may also thank him for the wonderful Adobe Form Tutorials he has been sharing at SAPYard.

SAP ABAP Trainer
Ram Daruru, SAP ABAP, Adobe Form Expert

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SAPYard’s Thank You token to our Contributors and Team Members.

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