License Key Tables in SAP


MLICHECK and SAPLIKEY are the two tables concerned with License Key.

MLICHECK table is only used for SAP BASIS/WEBAS 6.40 and below.
SAP_LIKEY table is for SAP products running on Netweaver 7.

SAPLIKEY (new licenses)
– Contains data for the new SAP-licenses
– Table exists since Release 700 (Netweaver 2004s)
– Table also exists in data dictionary therefore, it can be exported/imported with R3trans
– New licenses cannot be shown/installed with command line tool ‘SAPLICENSE


MLICHECK (old licenses)
– Contains data for the old SAP-licenses
– Table exists in all Releases
– In upgraded Release 700 systems, there can also be used old licenses
(the old license do not expire after upgrade, check button ‘new/old license’ in transaction ‘SLICENSE’)
– There are NO entries in data dictionary for this table therefore, it cannot be exported with R3trans
– Old licenses can be shown/installed with command line tool ‘SAPLICENSE
– Can be exported with db specific tools

Let us check how the table and the t-code look like.

Storage of SAP License Keys in table SAPLIKEY:

Storage of SAP License Keys in table SAPLIKEY

T-Code SLicense: SAP License Administration.

SLicense T-Code look and feel.

Hope this info would be useful to some folks.

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