Mastering SAP Debugging

Debugging in SAP ABAP

Code debugging is something all programmers need to know and the same is true for SAP developers. It is needed to find bugs on custom developments and it is also needed to understand how standard SAP programs work in detail. This last part is quite important, being able to go into the code of a program is what makes us capable of finding the answer to some question. I’m sure most experts will agree with me that debugging is one of the important skills on SAP.

But learning how to debug is not trivial. It is something that takes many hours to learn and it is also something that is hard to learn in abstract, it is much easier to understand with practical examples. I think this topic is one that fits well in the new online courses concept (called moocs) that have a lot of focus on exercises and assignments and use very short videos. I tried to develop the SAP debugging course ( that way, combining short tutorial examples and exercises to practice the skills.


The video below is an example video from one of the course units. If you want to learn or improve your debugging skill, try the course, it is completely FREE. Hope you enjoy it.

PS: This is a guest post by our friend Pedro.

Pedro Lima has more than 15 years of industry experience in SAP software development and consulting, having previously worked for SAP and currently being managing partner at Cognitiva“.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    You are all doing grt job and help to people like me, who are in need of help in learning more in SAP.

    These are helpful in my day to day job.
    Thanks your help…. :).

    RV Rao


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