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In our other post ‘ SAP ABAP Tips‘, we shared some uncommon but very useful tips on ABAP. In this post, I would like to share similar useful tips in regards to SAP HANA.

i) Parameter to limit the CPU usage for a thread in SAP HANA

There is a parameter that can be used to limit the amount of CPU, a thread can take in SAP HANA.

ii) How to find the size of the HANA DB?
We have two aspects here:
a. Column store
b. Row store

a. To find column store utilization:

b. To find row store utilization:

iii) Migrating tables to specified nodes in SAP HANA multi-node system

If you want to migrate a particular table from one node of HANA to another for performance or space issue:

a. To view current location of table

Open SQL editor on HANA studio and run the sql query:

b. To view current location decide the node where you want to move it and run the below query on SQL editor of HANA studio:

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iv) Delivery Classes for tables (Not specific to HANA)

While doing some migrations (BW on HANA ) I felt that we as technical consultant need to have a better understanding of delivery classes. I felt that we need to recap the concept. I am intending to have a small listing of the same. For each database table, a delivery class has to be specified. The delivery class determines the handling of the entries for a specific table during
Client Copies
– Installation & Upgrades

SE11 Delivery Classes for tables:

Delivery Class in SAP TABLE2 Delivery Classes

Delivery Classes for tables:



CCommon Address Data (Country: T005)
EMessages (T100)
GCommunication: country dialling code (T005K)
LLock Arguments (E070USE)
SLanguage Key (T002)
APersonal Address Data, Username (USR01)
WTransport (E070), Tables (DD02L)

Delivery Classes – Client Copy & Client Transport:

Is Delivery Class copied?

Delivery Classes – Transport SAP -> Customer

Delivery Class

Delivery Classes – Transport Customer -> Customer

Client dependent tables

For more details, please refer SAP Note: 2857

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