Quick Reference for Vistex Technical

Quick Reference Vistex Technical
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Couple of our readers suggested that we post something which would be easy reference for Vistex Technical who are beginners. Hope this post would help all Vistex Technical who are starting their first project in Vistex.

A. Common Modules in Vistex

1. Customer Rebate
2. Chargeback
3. Contract
4. CLM

B. Guidelines for developers

* Any namespace starting with /IRM/ is standard Vistex; we are not supposed to make any changes in it even if these opens in editable mode.

* We should create an implicit enhancement to enhance the standard Vistex program.

* We can enhance the BADI by creating new z-implementation (as we do in ECC).

* We can append fields into /IRM/ structure or table same way we do with standard SAP table.

* Any custom Z- Program created by Vistex team, we can change them directly by editing it.

* Create OSS message if any standard Vistex issue needs to be resolved and Vistex team will be assigned of that OSS message.

C. Common BADIs/EXITs in Vistex modules

BADI name for Chargeback

BADI for Contract

BADI for Rebate


Function Exits used in Rebate

Function exits used in CLM

You might like to check Vistex Chargeback Overview as well.


D. Function Modules which are used for updating standard Vistex Tables





E. Standard Message Types for Vistex IDOC
/IRM/CHGBACKS        -> Chargeback
/IRM/PC_AGRMNTS -> Contract

F. Frequently Used Tcodes in Vistex

For Chargeback  
/IRM/IPCBM: Individual Chargeback creation
/IRM/IPCB34: Chargeback Reconciliation
/IRM/IPCB21: Mass Processing of Billing Documents
/IRM/IPCB22: Mass Processing of Sales Documents/Claims
/IRM/IPCB23: Mass Processing of Chargebacks
/IRM/IPCB28: Mass Processing of Delivery Documents
/IRM/IPPCM: Partner Communication Workbench

For Rebate
/IRM/IPCRM: Viewing Sales Rebate User Settings
/IRM/IPCRASP: Sales Rebate Agreements
/IRM/IPCRCIP: Individual Tracking
/IRM/IPCRCCP: SR: Composite IP Collective Process

For CLM:
/IRM/IPPRM: Purchasing Rebates Workbench
/IRM/IPPRASP: Agreement Workbench
/IRM/IPPRCIP: Individual Tracking
/IRM/IPPRCCP: Collective Tracking

For Contract (Staging)
/IRM/PCMS: To Add/Edit/Display Contract
/IRM/PCSGMBLK: To Add/Edi/Display Membership and Block

For Contract (Active)
/IRM/PCM: To Add/Edit/Display Contract
/IRM/PCGMBLK: To Add/Edi/Display Membership and Block

/IRM/IPSPRO is for Vistex modules same like SPRO in standard SAP

/IRM/GVPFM is for Vistex modules to maintain requirements and formulas

For data transfer routine we can open it through SE38 and program name should /IRM/<Routine number>

You might like to go through our other post on Vistex Contract Overview.

G. Frequently Used Tables in Vistex





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Soumi Dutta
Soumi Dutta
Soumi is a senior SAP ABAP Technical ABAP consultant with expertise in Vistex. She has more than 10 years of experience working for multinational IT firms and Fortune 500 clients. Find more about Soumi Dutta at LinkedIn

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  1. Hi, Im delevoping in Vistex but is quite difficult to find any documentation around the web… in particular, I’m trying to show a customer field in Agreements master (tx: /irm/ipcrasp) in additional data1 or additional data 2, I’m struggling with the enhancement /IRM/CRS but for now I have any result… any suggestion please?

    • Dear Skor – Thank you for visiting our page and leaving your question. We have forwarded your question to our right team member.

      They are looking into your request. Please expect some answer soon.

      Team SAPYard.

  2. Jithin Joseph | August 24, 2015 at 1:52 pm | Reply

    Best post for a vistex beginner. Thank you Soumya.

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