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In one of the ABAP forum, a member suggested that we collate the frequently used transactions and tables which every ABAPer use in almost all projects. This page is for young developers like him who are curious as to what are the t-codes in other modules of SAP, where he did not get opportunity to work till then.

SD, MM, WM, PM, FI, CO etc or OTC, PTP, PTD, AR, AP, FPM etc are some of the common jargons used by consultants. You might need to google for the abbreviations of some of them. 🙂

Coming back to the topic of the day. Let’s check those transactions and tables.

A. Master Data (which do not change very often)

1. Customer Master
XD01/02/03 – Create/Change/Display Customer

KNA1 General Data in Customer Master
KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code)
KNVP Customer Master Partner Functions
KNVV Customer Master Sales Data
KNVS Customer Master Shipping Data

2. Vendor Master
XK01/02/03 – Create/Change/Display Vendor

LFA1 Vendor Master (General Section)
LFB1 Vendor Master (Company Code)
LFBK Vendor Master (Bank Details)

3. Material Master
MM01/02/03 – Create/Change/Display Material

MARA General Material Data
MAKT Material Descriptions
MARC Plant Data for Material
MARD Storage Location Data for Material
MARM Units of Measure for Material
MAST Material to BOM Link
MVKE Sales Data for Material

Other useful Master Data Tables
T001W Plants/Branches
T001 Company Codes
T001K Valuation area (Link between Plant and Company Code)

B. Transaction Data (which is created/changed/updated frequently)

SAP SD Overview for ABAPers

1) Sales and Distribution

Pre-sales and Sales
VA11/12/13/15N – Create/Change/Display/List Inquiry
VA21/22/23/25N – Create/Change/Display/List Quotation
VA01/02/03/05N – Create/Change/Display/List Sales Order
VA41/42/43/45N – Create/Change/Display/List Contract
VA31/32/33/35N – Create/Change/Display/List Scheduling Agreement

VBAK Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP Sales Document: Item Data
VBFA Sales Document Flow
VBKD Sales Document: Business Data
VBPA Sales Document: Partner
VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data
VAKPA Sales Index: Orders by Partner Function
VAPMA Sales Index: Order Items by Material

VK11/12/13/15N – Create/Change/Display/ List Condition
VK03/04/05 – Create/Change/Display Condition Table

KONH Conditions (Header)
KONP Conditions (Item)
KONV Conditions (Transaction Data)

VL01/02/03N – Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref.
VL23N – Goods Issue (Background Processing)
VL21 – Post goods issue in background

LIKP SD Document: Delivery Header Data
LIPS SD document: Delivery: Item data
VLKPA SD Index: Deliveries by Partner Functions
VLPMA SD Index: Delivery Items by Material

VT01/02/03N – Create/Change/Display Shipment Doc

VTTK Shipment Header
VTTP Shipment Item
VTFA Shipment Document Flow

VF01/02/03 – Create/Change/Display/List Billing Doc
VF04/VF05N – Maintain Billing Due List/Display List of Billing Documents

VBRK Billing Document: Header Data
VBRP Billing Document: Item Data
VRKPA SD Index: Billing Documents by Partner Functions
VRPMA SD Index: Billing Items per Material

VBFA is one of the most important table which holds the document flow of SD Module

MM Overview for ABAPers Procurement Overview for ABAPers

2. Purchasing

ME41/42/43 – Create/Change/Display Request For Quotation
ME11/12/13 – Create/Change/Display Purchasing Info Record

EINA Purchasing Info Record: General Data
EINE Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data

ME51/52/53 – Create/Change/Display Purchase Requisition

EBAN Purchase Requisition
EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment

ME21/22/23 – Create/Change/Display Purchase Order

EKKO Purchasing Document Header
EKPO Purchasing Document Item
EKBE History per Purchasing Document

IW31/32/33 – Create/Change/Display Work Order

AUFK Work Order master data
AFKO Work Order Header Data PP Orders
AFPO Order item
AFVC Operation within an order

MIGO – Goods Receipt Purchase Order

MKPF Header: Material Document
MSEG Document Segment: Material

MIRO Invoice Receipt

RBKP Document Header: Invoice Receipt
RSEG Document Item: Incoming Invoice

ME31/32/33K – Create/Change/Display Agreement

Tables: Same tables as PO but document type is ‘K’ for Agreement
EKKO Purchasing Document Header
EKPO Purchasing Document Item
EKBE History per Purchasing Document

MEK1/2/3 – Condition Records

3. Finance

CEPC Profit Center Master Data Table
CSKS Cost Center Master
SKB1 G/L Account Master (Company Code)
SKA1 G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts)

FI Overview for ABAPers

4. Accounting

FB01/02/03 – Post/Change/Display Document
FB03L – Display Document G/L view

BKPF Accounting Document Header
BSEG Accounting Document Segment
BSIK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors
BSAK Accounting: Secondary Index for Vendors (Cleared Items)
BSIS Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
BSAS Accounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts (Cleared Items)
BSAD Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers (Cleared Items)
BSID Accounting: Secondary Index for Customers


Tip: How to remember these tables?

First 2 Characters: BS is common.

3rd Character:
A = Cleared
I = Open

4th Character:
K for Vendor
D for Customer
S for Accounting

How do I remember?
bsiK/bsaK = Vendor = xK03 (T-Code)
bsiD/bsaD = Customer = xD03 (T-Code)
bsiS/bsaS = G/L Account = Skb1/Ska1 (Tables)

FBL1N/2N – Vendor Line Item Display for Open/Cleared Items
FBL3N/4N – G/L Account Line Item Display for Open/Cleared Items
FBL5N/6N – Customer Line Item Display for Open/Cleared Items

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. This is a small list of SAP transactions and tables which are commonly used by the developers. There are areas like equipment master, maintenance plans, production orders, service entry sheets etc which we also use in many projects, but we have deliberately not included them to maintain the brevity of the list.

If you feel, there are some other tables or transactions which you feel should be included in this list, please let us know. We would definitely add them. Please feel free to email us at or leave it in our comment section.

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