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Trust you have been following our blogs 🙂 . Moving forward from basics of S/4 HANA finance , lets see  few of the Notable  features of S/4 HANA Finance  that makes it popular .

Salient features of S/4 HANA Finance : – 

  • IN memory computing empowers instant insight of data.
  • Its non – disruptive, can be taken into cloud or on Premise .
  • Much Simple and Faster – ease of personalization with drill down.
  • Support or lets say delivers functionality across all roles and responsibility (Financial) .
  • Single source of Truth for all accounting components .
  • The Universal Journal (discussed in detail in blog 2 of the series ) allows you to harmonize the data (accounting data)

SFinacefig : Important features of  S/4 HANA finance .

How do we adopt it ?

We can choose one of the three available methods (do let us know if you need detail info, we can provide you on request):

  1. Upgrade and Migrate All the Instances .
  2. Upgrade , Migrate and Consolidate (Instances) .
  3. Create a central Finance Instance and bring / replicate from all the sources.***

*** this could be a step by step process of cutting down on instances in due course of time.

We will continue in next blog – S/4 HANA Finance – 2 with more detail on Universal Journal

DisclaimerThis is first part of  Four  planned blogs on S/4 HANA finance, which the author intend to share. Author is sharing his Project experience and Learning , which might not be exactly in alignment with standard recommendations and Practices. It is authors own understanding of the product.

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Image source: http://ckaccounting.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/accounting-and-tax-services.png


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