Sales Office Data … Can you change it even if config does not allow?



Your business wants to change/correct the Sales Office data, even if it is not allowed in standard change mode in transaction IW32. See the screenshot, it is disabled.

IW32 Work Order Sales data

Should you really change the sales organization data, when SAP does want/allow you to do.. That is a separate topic to discuss in some other debate.

Business: Can you do it?

ABAPers are magicians.. 😛 Yes we can..

Confidently you use BAPI ‘BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN‘ and update the field SALES_OFF of table IT_HEADER_SRV and execute your application… OOPs you get a BAPI error..

“The sales organisation data in order xxxxxxxxxx cannot be changed”..

bapi message

Is this the end of the road? Should you inform your business, this requirement is not feasible, as config does not allow?

Answer – No.. We can definitely meet this requirement!!!

Instead of the BAPI, use the FM “PMSDO_SAVE_DB” and satisfy your business.


A sample working program is attached to show how to use “PMSDO_SAVE_DB”. Please click the link here: Code Snippet

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