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Please find some uncommon SAP Technical requirements and tips. One would face these issue only in some very rare Project scenarios. Hope you will have fun below.

A) Changing description of SAP standard Data Element

Did you know that we can change the description of standard fields? I am sure many of us did not know this fact. If you want to change the label/field description for any SAP table field, then you can use the following method.

Let us check how the description of standard data element ‘FSH_MG_ATTRIBUTE3′ of table MARA is changed.


1. Go to transaction code: CMOD.

2. Goto-Text Enhancement->Key words->Change

SAP Data Dictionary
3. Enter the Data Element

SAP Tricks4. Change the Description text.

SAP Tips5. Save in the transport (or local for test).
6. Goto SE11, check the changed description.


Did you know this trick? 🙂

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B) RF Gun ‘BEEP’ Sound

If requirement comes to you that business needs a beep sound in RF console when it scans a bar code this is what you should do.

Step 1: Stop laughing .. 🙂
Step 2: Follow SAP note 371838

For freshers, RF = Radio Frequency. Usually a small hand held device enabled with RFID is common in warehouse and plants. You can compare it with a scanning/bar code reading machine.

C) Daylight Saving Setting in SAP

Often we need to convert the system time to local time of the plant and if the local time of the plant observes daylight then sometimes the result is X hour off. X may be 1, 2, 3 etc depending upon the location. This problem occurs due to time difference of daylight saving. If you are facing this problem (like me) then please check your DST system using transaction STZBC.

First check whether Daylight rule is active or not.

Day light saving in SAP

Check the rule (Variable summer time rule).


Check the rule (Fixed summer time rule),

DL13For freshers, wiki says, Daylight saving time (DST) or summer time is the practice of advancing clocks during summer months by one hour so that in the evening daylight is experienced an hour longer, while sacrificing normal sunrise times.


D) Find the Type of Transaction in exit (whether it is Create, Change, Display etc)

For Purchasing transaction exits, you may use table entries like T160 or T180 to find the nature of transaction.
Field – TRTYP (Transaction type)

E) Checking log for table changes

SCU3 – Use this transaction if log is activated for that table. If you are unable to see the log, try debugging and by passing the authority check.


By-pass this error or maintain your entry in TDDAT or View V_DDAT_54
Please check SAP note 323636 for more info.

F) Issue while creating EH spot

If you are facing problem while creating implicit enhancements; getting error like: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION CX_SY_MESSAGE_ILLEGAL_TEXT then you may need to apply the following SAP notes: 1034360, 1098603, 1087299

For Authorization of SE20 transaction you may need SAP note 987152.


SAP first fetches all the record for the selected fields and then it SORT the records found and then it does a DELETE ADJACENT DUPLICATES COMPARING ALL FIELDS. So, if you want to retrieve all the records, you MUST select all the KEY fields or else you will lose some records.

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H) Issue with Pop up display

SAP is full of surprises. The other day, when I was trying to test a program, I saw the messages were not coming properly. Instead of showing the full message, it truncated with a cross icon.

Pop up issue

Finally, I was able to trace the source of the problem. The problem lies in the SAP FM POPUP_WITH_TABLE_DISPLAY_OK. I have used this function module numerous times in past and but this time, I realized there is a “IF” condition in the source code of this FM at MODULE LISTPROCESSING OUTPUT .

So, if the 16th character of your message is either S or F, then your message will be truncated. If you are facing this problem now you the reason. You can solve this issue in your own way.

[My solution – simply convert the 16th character to lower case if it F or S.]

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