SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XI. Configuring Adobe Forms in NACE, OPK8 and SPRO

Configuring Adobe Forms

How to configure the Adobe Forms in SAP?

After more than 10 articles on SAP Adobe Form, we had to make room for this basic topic. Configuring Adobe Forms overlaps with the steps done in Smartforms and SAPScripts. But, still, we thought, it would be helpful, if we dedicated a short article to cover the concept here. 🙂

On a high level, we need to configure the forms in t-codes NACE, OPK8, and SPRO based on the modules you are working for.

  1. NACE

Go to Transaction code NACE. You would find the list of all the applications in SAP.

NACE configuration

Select the application area where you wanted to configure your Adobe Form and the Driver Program.

For example select V1 for Sales and press on Output types.

nace output types

Here you can find all the output types which are related to Sales.

adobe form configuration

Select the relevant output type and press on processing routines.

output type and processing routines

Go to change mode and add your Adobe Form name beside to PDF/Smartform Form. Do not forget to change the Form type to “PDF”.

to PDF/Smartform Form

Save the change.

You just completed the process of Configuring the Adobe Form in NACE Transaction. 🙂 

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  1. OPK8

If you want to configure PP or PM module related forms you need to do it in the OPK8 transaction.

Go to Transaction OPK8.

PP or PM module related forms

Select one of the Output Types and press on Forms.

Output Types in SAP

Here you can Configure your Adobe Form.

Adobe Form in OPK8

Hit Save. You are done with the process of Configuring the Adobe Form in OPK8 Transaction.

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  1. SPRO

You can configure the QM (Quality Management) Forms in SPRO Setting. Go to transaction SPRO

  1. Press button “SAP Reference IMG”.

Navigate list as follows

  • SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
    • Quality Management
    • Quality Notifications
    • Notification Processing
    • Print control
    • Define Shop Papers, Forms, Print Programs

2. SAP Customizing Implementation Guide

Press on execute button.

Double click on Define shop papers.

SAP Reference IMG

Enter any application area.

Define shop papers

Hit Enter. You can configure under the Name of the PDF-Based From.

You just completed the SPRO Configuration of Adobe Forms for Quality Management area.

Hope you like this concise article. This article is the outcome of a question from one of your loyal readers who asked:

“Can u please explain where we will configure the driver program and associated Adobe Form name, to trigger in any transaction?”.

Now we want to hear from you.

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