SAP Adobe Form Tutorial. Part XII. How to Convert Smartform to Adobe Form?

migration of smartform to interactive adobe form

Converting Smartform to Adobe Form

One fine morning, your business comes to you and politely propose “Adobe Forms are cool. We should convert our Smartforms to Adobe”. You have no idea what to respond. Yes of course. Or, it might take lots of time and effort to convert the existing Smartforms to SAP Adobe Form. We would suggest, say Yes!! Of course. 😛

SAP has always been forward thinking and backward compatible. 🙂 In the same line of philosophy, they have provided an option to convert Smartforms to Adobe with some clicks. Let us check, How?

Let us first, create a simple Smartform.

Transaction: SMARTFORMS

Press on Create button

smartform to adobe form

Add a Parameter in Form Interface

sap smartform trick

Add another parameter in Global Definitions

Create text under Main Window in %PAGE1

Create a table under Main Window

Double Click on %TABLE1

Go to Data Tab and maintain the Internal table (IT_VBAK) And Work Area(WA_VBAK) Details.

smartform to adobe form

Then Go to Table Tab, and change line type to 2 columns.

sap smartform tutorial

Right Click on Header -> Create -> Table Line

sap smartform tutorial

Select Line Type  %LTYPE1

Maintain the Header in 2 cells by creating the Texts

Right Click on Main Area -> Create -> Table Line

Select Line Type %LTYPE1

Maintain the 2 variables by under the Cells Sales order (VBELN) And Sales Organization (VKORG)

variables in smartforms

Check, Save, Activate.

We are done with creating the Smartform.

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Can we test now?

Yes. In this case, we are not using any driver program. We will test stand alone.

From the smartform screen press on Execute (F8) button, Again you press on Execute (F8) button. After all, smartform is saved as a function module in SAP.

Testing smartform online

Enter some data into IT_VBAK table

Press on Insert Data button. 

Then press on Execute button, Select some local printer and press on Print Preview.

You see a simple smartform output.

Let us go to the main topic of this article. 🙂 How to convert this smart form to Adobe form?

Go to SMARTFORMS Transaction. Give your smartform name.

Go to Utilities -> Migration -> Interactive Form -> Export

adobe form

Enter the required Adobe Form name and press Enter.


Select all the required check boxes

Enter. Save as a Local Object ($TMP) or in transport if you have.

Now Go to Transaction SFP

Activate the Interface.

Go Back.

Give the Adobe Form name YRAM_ADOBE_FORM and Press on Change button.

Go to Properties Change the Layout type to Standard Layout

Go to Context. Check a context in Adobe Context area is already copied.

Go to Layout, see the Layout which is copied from Smartform.

adobe copied from smartform

Check, Save and Activate.

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Now, we can test the Adobe form? Yes – Manually again!! 🙂

Press on Execute button

Enter the data into IT_VBAK

Press on Insert Data button. Execute. Press on Print Preview.

Sweeeeetttt!! You just converted a Smartform to an elegant Adobe Form. Hope you find this useful.

Have you tried this earlier?

Please leave your experience in the comment section and let us know if you have any other trick.

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  1. Great job.. Keep doing the things which helps ABAPers and help us to bind the data fetching also.

    I have stuck in fetching the data from my smartform.

  2. Thank you. I am following all your adobe form series.
    In my project have a requirement of using QR code. Could you please help me to understand the same and how to map it. It would be a great help.

    Thank you once again.

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