SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part V. Images, Graphics and Logo in Adobe Forms

Step by Step Adobe Form

In the previous part, we learned how to use Javascript in SAP Adobe Forms to control the conditions. Today, we would learn how to include a logo on an Adobe Form output.

Pre-requisite: We need to upload the required logo/image as shown below in the T-code SE78 (same as we do for Smartforms).

Dynamically Populating the Logo on the adobe

Once you upload the image to SAP from your laptop/desktop/local machine, please do not forget to validate it in t-code SE78. Check our logo image can be found in SAP system.

Prepare the Form Interface

Transaction Code: SFP. Enter the Interface name and Create (Interface is mandatory for Adobe form).

SAP Adobe Form Tutorial

Enter the short description and Save.

SAP ABAP Training

Enter the Package name and Save.

Free SAP ABAP Training

Let us add our own custom Parameter Name for the image/logo. Select the Import option under Form Interface (left side) and press the Create button (right side) to add an Importing Parameter.


Please note: IV_LOGO is of type XSTRING (Data Type).
Save, Check and Activate the Interface.

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Design the Form Layout
Go to back SFP Transaction main screen. Create the form.

What is SAP Adobe Form?

Press on create button. Provide the short description and Interface name which you have created earlier.

SAP Training

Enter the Package name and Save.
Drag IV_LOGO from Interface which we created earlier and drop them to the Context area.

Logo in SAPScript

Right click on the YRAM_ADOBE_FORM5 under the context and create a graphic.

create a graphic

Printing in SAP
Important step: Change the Graphic type from Graphic Reference to Graphic content

Configure Adobe Forms in SAP

Hit return key/enter key.

Select Yes option.

Enter Field as IV_LOGO (or whatever name you have given above)
And MIME Type as ‘IMAGE/BMP’.


Go to Layout. Choose the Data View Tab. Drag and drop the Graphic on the layout.

You can stretch or condense your logo as per your need. You might want to remove the logo caption i.e. the default Image Field text. This Image Field text is a good place to write the tagline of the company/logo if you have any. Else we can leave it blank.

We have added another text element below the logo for demonstration purpose.

Check, Save and Activate. Our Layout with a Graphic and Form Interface is complete. Did you notice, we have two elements in our layout. The logo field and the graphic content. It can be compared to the variable name and the actual content.

Driver Program to call the Adobe Form
You can use the below code as a reference to plug and play for printing the logo.

Let us Test our baby 

Provide the image/logo name which we uploaded in SE78 or any other logo name which is already available in SAP system. We would use SAPYardLogo.

Please check the program above. The logo property is dynamically obtained from the image name and fed to the SAP Adobe Form. You can input any image you want from your SAP system. The program would handle it automatically to obtain the signature of the image and pass it correctly to the Adobe Form.

Press on Print preview and view the output with your image.

Check our logo. Do you like SAPYard Logo? Do you have any better suggestion for the logo for our site?

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  1. So far these posts have been the MOST helpful and informative on Adobe forms that I have found with step by step instructions – so thank you. What I was hoping for and am still looking for, is how to add an address – customer/vendor – to the Adobe form by using the ADRNR number similar to how SMARTforms handled this. I thought it was handled very well in SMARTforms with all the options; country code, number of lines, etc. Isn’t there a way to handle this in the Adobe tool too?

    • Dear Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your positive feedback. It boosts the moral of our team. Thank you again.

      We would ask the Adobe expert of our team to prepare one post to answer your query. Please stay tuned.

      Please keep visiting and leaving your comments (good and not so good).

      Team SAPYard.

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