SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part VI. Printing Address in Adobe Form


One of our readers left a question for us: “I was hoping for and am still looking for is, how to add an address – customer/vendor – to the Adobe Form by using the ADRNR number similar to how SMARTFORMS handled this. I thought it was handled very well in SMARTFORMS with all the options; country code, zip code, etc. Isn’t there a way to handle this in the Adobe tool too?

Our Answer: Adobe Form is supposed to be an upgrade to what we already have in SMARTFORMS. Therefore it needs to inherit the features of SMARTFORMS. Yes, Adobe is smart enough to handle it and we would show you exactly how it can be achieved.

Transaction Code: SFP.
Enter the Interface name and Create (Interface is mandatory for Adobe form).

Address in Adobe

Enter the short description and Save.

Adobe in SAP

Enter the Package name and Save.

Let us add our own custom Parameter Name. Select the Import option under Form Interface (left side) and press the Create button (right side) to add an Importing Parameter.

Save, Check and Activate the Interface.

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Go to back SFP Transaction main screen. Create the Form.

Press on create button. Provide the short description and Interface name which you have created earlier.

Enter the Package name and Save. Go to Context.

Right click on the YRAM_ADOBE_FORM7 under the Context and create an “Address”.

Double Click on Address and enter the below details.

Save. Go to Layout.

Go to Data View. Drag and Drop the ADDRESS Context.

Increase/Adjust the size of the Address to make room for multiple lines and remove the caption.

Save and Activate.

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Now, let us go and create the Driver Program.

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Let us test this Adobe development to check our Address populated using just the Address Number.

Press on Print Preview. Please design your Form better than this. 🙂

This is the proof from ADRC (Address) table.

The Address is printed correctly.

Hope next time you need Address in your Adobe Form, you know what needs to be done. 🙂

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  1. Recently I have come across a requirement for printing in an adobe form where two tables needs to be flowed at same time in same page.
    Header and Footer will be printed on every page.
    I have put table1 (upper table) table 2 (lower table) in the design view(body page).
    made the table 1 and 2 in subform with page break within content and made then overflowed also.
    But the issue that i am facing is the records of table 1(table1) is overwritten with the records of table 2(lower table). How to deal with this??

  2. I do have an issue in adobe form, where i am not able to find a solution for this. Please help me.
    I have given Header and footer on MASTER PAGE so that it will get printed in every pages . And in the Design View(Body page) i have dragged an internal table with few field. So I want my internal table records to get printed in between header and footer area. If the records exceeds then it should be printed on the next page followed by the same header and footer. How to achieve this functionality in adobe form .please help me .

  3. I was so excited to see that I received a response on my query this morning when I logged into work. First of all thanks for responding – that has never happened before so I really appreciate it.

    Second, your steps were very clear and concise. I immediately put them into my form that I was working on, and it work perfectly. I wish I could include a screen shot but it’s a customer facing form and it would be against our company policies. But I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your response and also the solution that worked so well for me. I really liked working in SMARTforms, so adapting to Adobe in SAP will take some time to get me to the same level of confidence and skill level. So far it’s going well, just different and keeping my options open to different ways of doing and approaching things with it.

    Hope you have a great day and thanks again.

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback. This is one of the best compliments we have ever received. We are glad, we were of some help to you at your work.

      Thanks to our Adode Form Expert Ram Daruru, who was quick to prepare this document in such short notice.

      Thank you again. Please keep visiting and provide your feedbacks (good and not so good).

      Team SAPYard.


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