SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial. Part VIII. Displaying Include Texts in Adobe forms

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In our previous post on Adobe Form, we discussed how to print Text Modules in Adobe. Smartforms is the transaction to create and save Text Modules. Today we would look into another cousin of Text Module i.e Include Text. I prefer to call this Include Text as Standard Texts. They can be created and saved in transaction SO10.

Let us create the Form Interface using Transaction Code SFP. Enter the Interface name and Create (Interface is mandatory for Adobe form).


Enter the required short description and Save.

SO10 transaction

Enter the Package name and Save.

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Let us add our own custom Parameter Name. Select the Import option under Form Interface (left side) and press the Create button (right side) to add an Importing Parameter.

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Save, Check and Activate the Interface.

Go to back SFP Transaction main screen. Create the form.

Press on create button. Provide the short description and Interface name which you have created earlier.

Enter the Package name and Save.

Drag IV_LANG Field from Interface to Context

Go to context. Right click on the YRAM_ADOBE_FORM6 under the context and create a TEXT.

Select the drop down. You can see 3 options:
1. Text Module
2. Include text
3. Dynamic text

We have already discussed Text Module in our previous article. Today we will talk about Include Text.
Include Texts are nothing but Standard Texts. Go to Transaction SO10 for Include Text.

Create texts in required languages: English

Press on Create. Enter the required text in English and Save it.

Let us save some text in another language: German.

language translation

Press on Create. Enter the required text in German and Save it.

You can create in all available languages and use them.
Right click on the YRAM_ADOBE_FORM8 under the context and create a Text (or modify the Text created above)
Select the TEXT and double click. Change the text type to Include Text and hit Enter.

Enter the details like below
Text Name: ‘YRAM_TEXT1’
Text Language: IV_LANGU
No error if text not available = Check the box.

Save .
Go to Layout. Go to Data View Select TEXT_FROM_SO10, drag and drop to Layout.

Save and activate the form.

Let us design the Driver program for the above form.

If your client has roll outs in two different countries with two different languages. Based on the log on language of the SAP system, the form should print the output in that language. Include/Standard Text helps in such translations.

The IV_LANGU field of the form should ideally be populated dynamically in real projects. But for our test, we would input them as our selection screen parameter.

Test 1 :
Enter the Language as ‘EN’.

Press on Print preview

Test 2 :
Enter the Language as ‘DE’.

Press on Print preview


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