SAP CoPilot – SAP’s own Digital Assistant Introduction

What is SAP CoPilot?

SAP CoPilot – Inspired by the flood of articles and knowledge share, I thought of writing one article on a new topic which I recently experienced. It was a very interesting learning opportunity for me and it threw me to a completely new ball game. I am amazed by the progress and the impact technology has in every arena of life and work. I am really mesmerized with the SAP CoPilot concept.

Let me take the liberty to humbly introduce (although, there are many articles on this topic already) you all to the product launched by SAP which is christened as “SAP CoPilot”, an SAP Digital Assistant. If someone uses the jargon DA to show off, you now know DA stands for Digital Assistant. 😛

Disclaimer: I am not an expert in SAP CoPilot but just a beginner and an enthusiast.

SAP CoPilot is the first ever digital assistant for any Enterprise and not only for SAP. SAP CoPilot helps to collaborate, support issue resolution and follow-ups and helps in taking immediate preventing and/or corrective action efficiently.

As per SAP, the first version of SAP CoPilot 1705 has the below capabilities:

  • Take Notes: While working with the SAP Fiori Apps, users can take notes and SAP CoPilot would link  them to the App and show them if the user looks for the notes when they return to the App later
  • Capture Screen Prints: SAP CoPilot can help you take the screen shots of Fiori Apps (very helpful for documentation). 😀
  • Recognize Business Object: SAP CoPilot recognizes business objects referred to in or chats or notes.
  • Take Quick Action: If needed, SAP CoPilot can automate the process of creating business objects quickly.
  • In-Context Chat: Chat with your partners from the business application context you are working with and share screen captures, note and business objects.

I have not explored all the capabilities mentioned above but being an ABAPer one feature which I found very useful is, using SAP CoPilot, we can automatically execute any Fiori App in the background, without even opening that particular App.

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You can correlate SAP CoPilot to Google Allo or Siri in iPhone or Amazon Alexa or the most recent Samsung’s Bixby, though it is not exactly same. But conceptually they are similar. Using SAP CoPilot, users can chat, ask questions and even give commands like a Boss would give to his/her Personal Assistant. 😛

So, the first question is Where is SAP CoPilot available?

Ans: It is available in the Fiori Launchpad (SAP Fiori 2.0), as a component.

Next question is What are the pre-requisites?

Ans: SAP CoPilot requires either S/4HANA or NetWeaver 7.51.

And now, How it works?

SAP CoPilot can run your Fiori Apps, through Voice Recognition Technique or by directly chatting with it.

For example, we can directly ask SAP CoPilot to create a Purchase Order or any other SAP business objects. And like the faithful genie, it obeys. As you wish my master. 🙂

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Hope this short post is enough to introduce you to another wonder of technology and science. In the next article, I will tell you how to get CoPilot into the Fiori Launchpad along with some more interesting features. Please stay tuned.

Before we sign off today, I would like to show you a sample SAP CoPilot screen from my Prototype System. Have fun.. 🙂

SAP CoPilot Introduction

So…What Do You Think?

Now we want to hear from you.

Do you think SAP CoPilot would have a long flight or will it have to do an emergency landing?

Whether you feel positive or negative, in either case, please leave a quick comment below and see how other’s opinion on this topic.


  1. Hello Venkatesh, Many thanks for replying, I will check again for bp. In the five BPs. MAA; MAB; MAG; MAL etc , Copilot configuration is not givem One more question pls, is it possible to configure Copilot without a webdispatcher? We have a POC and haven’t used webdispatcher. All 3 types of apps are working fine


  2. Hello Venkatesh. Thankks for posting this article. Can I also configure CoPIlot on S/4Hana 1610 or must it be 1705 only? What are the other prerequisites and is there a Best Practice guide or any other docu available for same


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