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31 Comments on "Ask Your Questions"

    I created a Web Service within SAP, registered it with SOAMANAGER. Tested it with SOAPUI and SAP Consumer Proxy and its working.
    Now, i have a requirement to create an Adobe Interactive Form which can be accessed by any team member to update their details.
    I followed the following steps after successfully testing the Web Service
    a) Created an Adobe Form with an empty interface
    b) Created a new Data Connection with WSDL as provided by my web service
    c) Dragged the Input and output fields from the Data Connection to the Master Page.
    d) Added an Execute Button with Bindings to the Web Service.
    e) When i run it,either by executing it or by doing Print Preview, the button is not working.
    f) I also tried it with sample Calculator WSDL which is public and still it doesn’t work.

    Kindly, share your thoughts on where is the issue


  2. I am a Greenplum Db Admin,as i want to move in to SAP Hana Administration,Could you recommend me the plan of action that i need to initiate to start my learning curve.Please suggest.

    • Dear Khursheed – Thank you very much for leaving your question. Someone from our team would respond shortly.

      Team SAPYard.

      • hello Khursheed,

        Trust you are doing good.Thanks for reaching out to us . As per our understanding (what we have seen consultants doing) , we can humbly suggest you to follow this :-

        1. Get an Overview of SAP Netweaver Platform – SAP instance , client , work Process , Netweaver architecture – matching training Course SAP001.

        2. Then Learn the Basis of SAP HANA . Refer few of the blogs that we have at sapyard . SAP standard training – HA100.

        3. See courses and materials at open SAP , enroll and learn whatever is offered there in terms of basics of HANA . Its free and good courses.

        4. Since you are from greenPlum ,so i trust you would be good with SQL and scripts . You can now (after doing point 1-3) ready for learning HANA administration . you can either go for SAP HA200 training or read from sdn blogs . You need to learn following major topics –

        a. Installation of SAP HANA as platform .
        b. Landscape design -scale out .
        c. Administration from HANA studio – various options.
        d. User and security concept in SAP HANA.
        e. Analytical privileges in sap HANA
        f. HANA lifecycle management .
        g. Transport management in SAP HANA.
        h. Data provisioning – SLT, SDI

        Once done with this then you can move to advanced topics like – migration to SAP HANA and handling mixed scenarios etc.

        Do let us know if you need further details .

        happy reading 🙂 .

  3. Hi Raju ,

    I have a scenario where I will be playing part of Techno-functional I am ABAP developer but gradually learning SD-MM.

    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post or not, It will be very much helpful to me if I get at least starting point towards the solution. To me this solution will require more of ABAP development your expert advise will help to initiate work on this.

    Scenario is as below :

    1 : Use case: Companies X (SAP) & company Y (uses SAP only to do goods receipt process for the particular types of PO’s raised by company X)

    So scenario is company Y is to provide printing,picking,packing & despatch services to company X.

    Company X delivers physical stock to company Y from 3rd party suppliers,this stock is subsequently used to fulfil existing or projected orders. The stock types includes back-to-back orders, ASME physical stock,consignment stock etc.

    The inbound stock is booked into SAP by company X against a PO,once booked in and showing as stock in the system SAP automatically generates a spool file for known orders awaiting fulfilment using that stock.

    company X notifies company Y about raised PO & stock ordered under that each PO. On receipt of stock (done by company Y) and count the stock and then book it in SAP. In this process company Y uses the emails details of the outstanding PO to identify correct PO in order to select the record from the SAP to do the goods receive of that stock.

    They want to improve the efficiency of Goods receipt process by creating an additional starting point screen in SAP to allow the correct PO to be identified more easily form the range of open PO’s for which stock is destined to be delivered to company Y.

    Please guide me forward to work on the best possible solution to offer them, I will be playing a role of developer/functional to them so I first posted this on MM forum.

    2 Use case : Same above scenario of Company X & Company Y is to provide printing,picking,packing & despatch services to company X. Basically Company Y uses Management Information System to control process within their premises. once the orders are ready for despatch Company Y logs onto Company X (SAP System) and do goods issue to stock,this is currently done once per day.

    So there is potential time lag between orders being marked as ready for despatch on MIS(Company Y) and then goods issued in Company X SAP is causing confidence issue for customer service team to correct the status of specific orders as the data isn’t fully synch between the two systems.

    Company Y wants to automate the goods issue process driving updates on company X SAP directly from automated status changes on their MIS.

    Story : As company Y wants to identify a specific delivery number in Company X SAP and update the quantities against any line items that have been dispatched & to mark as these as goods issued.

    Solution to this could be A BAPI or RFC enable FM to invoke when any movements occur to delivery system of Company Y that changes should straight away reflect to SAP X deliveries.

    My Question : Do the usecase 1 & 2 have any connections and is it possible to merge both the requirement to give them a single solution if yes please direct towards the possible solution. If not then I will go with separate solutions.

  4. plz provide some related bo-bi and hana related documents

    • Hello Surendra,

      Thanks for reading our blogs.
      Could you help us with specific area for which you need documents ,
      Accordingly we will try to point you to the right sources .


      Vinay singh

  5. Hi Raju,
    I am a sap MM, WM consultant living in Toronto, Canada and purely functional consultant since 10 years. I want to learn HANA from the scratch. I don’t have any knowledge about DBA or any programming language. Can you please suggest a trainer who can train me on HANA from scratch. Thanks Rahul

    • Dear Rahul – Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We have replied you privately in your email Please check your inbox.

      All the best.


  6. How to add a tab under Header in MIRO.

    • Dear Prakash – Thank you for posting your question. Unfortunately we have not worked in creating a custom tab in header of MIRO. I was just curious, what is the business requirement. I will check with some experts and try to get back to you on how we can achieve the functionality (if possible).


  7. A.Create one interactive PO report which should have all PO details using Header and Item Tables.

    B.Create one drill down report which should show the out put of available material in the ware house.

    • Dear Fayaz – What have you done for A? I understand you are learning ABAP, just tell me what you have done till now and where you are stuck. We will go from there..


      • hy raju

        bro that i stuck in loop
        in loop how i will use all print in gui
        i mean using write statement how posile for all,

  8. Hi SApYard,

    Just found this website when browsing through webdynpro, really like it, helps me a lot since i’m new on webdynpro, great job guys.
    Btw, can you guys help on how to get image from DMS with webdynpro? Thanks in advance

    • Dear Kent – Glad that you found our Web Dynpro page. Let’s Web Dynpro series was written targeting the new comers in Web Dynpro. Happy that you liked it.

      What is your exact requirement on DMS? You want to display the image in your view and/or new window and/or pop up? Please elaborate a bit. You can also email us at if you want to send the detailed expectation.

      Please keep visiting.


  9. Nice site! Didn’t see any button to follow any posts or questions. what did I overlook?

    • Dear Steve,

      We are glad that you liked our page. We are working on adding those buttons. Hopefully, we will have them soon.

      Till then, please send your queries/suggestions in our Ask Your Questions page or Contact Me page.

      Thank you again for visiting our page.

      With Regards,

  10. First of all I want to thank you for the solutions of the assignments for the sap hana course you gave. Even if not all of them were correct. I see the code of honor of open sap. But really: In the World of ABAPING every one should share and connect with others about suggestions and open questions. There were a discussion below every posts because not everyone agreed or did get it why the answers should be right/wrong.
    In a global connected world in my opinion it is a standard and must have to share and communicate about learning.
    If anybody of you guys who were here want to talk/share/communicate about the final exam please feel free to contact me at

    • Dear All,

      We at,, are really overwhelmed with your participation and would like to thank you all for your time. We always encouraged all to go through the documents and videos to clarify their concept. As Muster rightly said, not all suggestions were correct. We all are learning together. There were arguments and justifications for every answers. We can still continue discussing about any concepts related to any area of ABAP.

      Please do keep visiting our page for some other quality posts. We would try to share stuffs with a difference, which would help all ABAPers.

      Muster- You are a special friend for us. We will surely be in touch.

      Please leave your comments/suggestions/queries and help us improve.

      Thanking you all.

      With Regards,

  11. Hi,
    Weekly assignment post is not visible, Is there any problem?

    Thanks & regards,

    • Dear Harish,

      Really sorry for the inconvenience. The page was not according to the “openSAP code of honor”. Therefore we have removed it. If we can help you in explaining any concept then, we would be very happy to try make you understand it.

      Thank you very much for visiting our page and leaving your comment. Hope you would continue visiting our page.


  12. Hi,

    I am trying to attached XML file from Application server to business object ‘BKPF’, attachment it is working perfect but when I am trying to open it, it is not opening.

    Kindly give your valuable suggestion.

    Thank you very much!!!!


    • Dear Raj,

      Thank you very much for visiting our site and leaving your comment.

      If it is attaching but not opening, then chances are, you have not provided the right size of the file.

      Try this: Very often the last line creates problem.

      * Get total number of lines
      lv_lines = line( li_content ).
      * Read the content of the last line
      READ table li_content into lwa_content index lv_lines.

      * File size
      lwa_obj_data-objlen = (lv_lines – 1) * 255 + strlen( lwa_content).


  13. Hi Raju,

    Went through few of your blogs. Really liked all of the ones that i read through. Very enriching and helped me brush off my skills.
    Appreciate your effort 🙂


  14. Hey Guy, how many wrong answers did you have on the sap open abap dev for sap hana course in the first week?

    Could you do something like suggested answer from you- right answer?

    Greetings and thanks

    • Dear Muster,

      Thank you very much for visiting our site and leaving your suggestion.

      Sure, going forward, we would mark the suggested answers and the right answers.

      With Regards,

      • This looks like a good improvement for me.
        To be honest it is not possible to get all the answers to the questions out of the videos they do on Even with knowing the questions it was not possible for me to get an answer for all of them (in the course and in the www).

        Just a further question. Do you plan to do the same assignment for the open SAP course”Next Steps in Software Development on SAP HANA” ?
        Would be really great!

        P.s. I really like your page. Lots of useful tips.


        • Dear Muster,

          We are glad that our posts helped you learn. We at, strongly encourage all to go through the course video/slides minutely and figure out the solutions. Please spend quality time in listening to the presenters.

          Thank you very much for liking our page. If these small tweaks helped you and the small post cleared your concept, then please share our link with your contacts/friends/colleagues and encourage us.

          Thanking you.

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