In the Dynamic Tiering can some one explain the parameters in the  esserver.ini,

What is the best way of change the values of


catalog_cache Amount of memory initially reserved for caching the dynamic tiering catalog. 0/- 32000000 bytes checkpoint_interval Maximum interval between checkpoints. 0/- 60 minutes delta_memory_mb Amount of memory available to store delta enabled extended tables. 0/- 2048MB load_memory_mb Maximum amount of memory extended storage can request from the operating system for temporary use. 0/- 2048MB main_cache_mb Amount of memory to be used for caching dynamic tiering database objects. 0/- 1024MB max_concurrent_connections Maximum number of concurrent connections that the dynamic tiering service accepts. 1 – 1001 50 max_concurrent_queries Maximum number of concurrent queries allowed by the server. 0/- 32 num_partition_buffer_cache Number of main and temp buffer cache partitions. Must be a power of 2, otherwise value rounded to the nearest power of two to a maximum of 64. 0 – 256 None. Value is determined at runtime based on the number of CPUs, and is not user visible. num_threads Maximum number of threads used for dynamic tiering. 4 – 4096 600 temporary_cache_mb Amount of memory to be used as cache for temporary objects during dynamic tiering operations. 0/- 256


What is the best way to set it up.these parameter and it is on its default values and how can this be changes accordingly based on the memory allocated but would like to know how this can be set up.



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